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    Hi all, I hope you don't mind my joining the group. I've been running on and off for the last few years but want to get more steady at it. Last August I did my first 1/2 marathon, and even though I was fairly slow, it felt good to finish it. I'm planning on doing another 1/2 marathon in May and maybe one in August. Although I'd like to eventually do a full marathon I think it's still a little too far out of my reach. I think 1000 miles in the year is a great goal for me, although I'll be fighting for a while to catch up to that pace bunny. During the winter I do most of my runs indoors on my treadmill. I don't like running in the dark (I usually run in the early morning before work) or on the snow and ice (I've had my fair share of falls), especially since I don't have anyone near me to run with. My treadmill is an older model, and I find it harder than running out doors, so my speed is slower than when I'm running outside. The incline is also broken so it's always at a constant 1.5%. Eventually I'd like to get a new treadmill, but while the old one is still working, I can't justify the cost. And maybe, I'll make a couple new friends here too... Smile Lu

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      Welcome Lu. Good running.
      Find the fun.

        Welcome! And good luck with your running goals. I'm sure that you will be able to leave the treadmill and run in the real world again soon. bas

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          Welcome Lu! You've come to the right place. Happy running!

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            Howdy! Smile
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              Glad you could join. Great group of supportive runners here and 1000 miles will soon be behind you. Now go and catch fuzz Wink

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