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Eustace Tierney


    Only started using the site a couple of months ago. Can I top up my miles for the start of the year without having to enter each workout. I HAVE TO CATCH THE BUNNY!

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      I wouldn't know (novice non-techie here) ....but WELCOME Banana Man!!! Smile Happy Hunting! Big grin
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        Hey there Banana Man, Welcome to the group. If you have too many entries to add for the year then just combine them as one entry say from 01 Jan until 03 Mar, and date it as the last date. This will then include those miles.
          Welcome..... I would think what Lu said would work. You might want to make it a monthly entry for the months of Jan..Feb...Mar....Apr....May...and then start recording daily now. Give it a try and see what happens. It IS your log after all. Good luck