1000 Mile Club


Thousand? Okay. I'll Start Tomorrow. Or the next day... (Read 328 times)

    thousand miles isn't too terribly far. i think i will wait until cross country starts in june. usually run about six hundred for that. i might start sometime soon. i guess i should. question: why a bunny? What about an armadillo, or maybe a dung beetle. Those are a lot cooler than some cynically inclined bunny.


      what do you mean why a bunny. Why would you use anything else. Hare's Own!

        Have you ever tried chasing a real bunny?! Lot harder to catch than an armadillo. Not that i've ever chased an armadillo. But they look slow! Wink
          okay your right man, i got hooked again. All that snow last week... but i'm out and about now. seven miler at five this morning was quite fun.