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Um, how does this work? (Read 293 times)

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    I feel so dumb - but, how does this pace bunny thing work? Humbly, Arla

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      i've had too much to drink at this point.... but I think the pace bunny moves X number of miles each day.... you need 20+ miles a week to kick that bunny's ass! JR
        thats exactly how it works! keep ahead of the pace bunny and you'll make your goal Smile and today (due to the time zone thing) is likely the only day i get to be on top of the leaderboard!

          Happy New Year! Just back from very slow trot round totally empty countryside . Photos to follow...maybe * it was pretty dark * I don't really know how this thing works but I'm thrilled to be on the board..if only briefly Smile

            It's pretty easy, actually. Log your runs in your training log, and the stats are automatically included in the group's year-to-date distance. Last year the bunny did 2.74 miles per day. This year I'm guessing he'll do a little bit less thanks to leap year (or maybe he'll just finally take a day off). Chase your goals, chase your friends, or chase the bunny. Gig

              Very early, New Year's Day...Yes, it was still dark.... A lot of my miles will be done here Smile