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Anybody else have a great week of running? (Read 343 times)


    This time it's been a lousy week of no running. Angry I've been resting my legs for a 10K tomorrow, but I meant to get in at least some mileage. It's mostly work's fault. Stupid work. If I didn't have it, I'd be running for 2,000 miles this year. Work stinks. I'M OFF WORK ALL NEXT WEEK!! I ought to be able to make up for some lost time, and add Virginia to my list of states I've run in. Huzzah!
      Last week was a pretty good week for me. I ran Lake Youngs Ultra, a 28.8 mile run in 4:59. It was 3 laps of 9.6 miles with less than 900 gain per lap. Weather was good, cloudy in the 50's. They posted my time incorrectly so I contacted them. Had almost 39 miles for the week and putting some distance on that bunny. Hope everyone else had a good time.