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Beating down the bunnie (Read 227 times)


    The bunny is making pretty steady progress against the group. He's now mid way through the 3rd page. I'm doing my best to catch the rodent and finally reached the third page myself. I expect to catch him sometime in August (injury back in March set me back). Time for an old fashioned bunny beat down. Anyone else in hot pursuit?

    I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.



      As of today, I'm only .2 of a mile behind the bunny. I won't be running tomorrow so he'll be a little further ahead, however I plan on passing him again for good by the end of the week... Lu
        Well, I just joined and I'm ahead of the little critter so I hope I pushed him back a page for someone! I should be able to stay ahead of him (her?) - good work everyone.
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