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    Here's a question for everyone just for the heck of it. Why are you planning to run 1000 miles? More specifically, what goals are you looking to attain by having run 1000 miles this year? Is it to stay fit, lose weight, complete a certain race (marathon, 15k, etc), are you training to break a certain time? I'm just curious to hear what other people's thought processes are on the subject and since I'm new to the site and don't know anyone, I thought it might be a good way to break the ice and get to meet a few of you. I'm doing it to try to return to the sport of distance running after taking about a 10 year break. I don't need to go out and win any races but I'd like to be comfortable and competitive in the 5k and if all goes well, might be looking to run a marathon later in the year if I can train consistently enough. How about you? Chris

      Here's a question for everyone just for the heck of it. Why are you planning to run 1000 miles? More specifically, what goals are you looking to attain by having run 1000 miles this year?...
      Hi westard, excellent question. For me, I am doing it to lose weight, and in preparation for running a marathon in the Fall. See My Energy Balance. I can lose over a pound a week eating 1900 calories per day and running 20 miles per week at an average pace of 5 mph. As far as the marathon is concerened. Most training marathon training schedules recommend a "base"of miles before you start training for a marathon. For example, the New York Road Runners recommend 15 mpw for a "first-time marathoner", 20 for a "first-time/casual marathoner", 25 for a "basic marathoner", and so on. See Training Schedules. So, 20 miles per week is a good number for me, making the 1000 mile club a good choice.
        Chris - Welcome to the site. My goal is not necesarily ultimately running 1000 miles, but my training for 3 marathons this year should bring me pretty close to that, so I can always use another reason to keep running strong towards the end of the year. I tend to be very goal oriented, and even stopped running for over a year because I had already completed my dream of finishing 1 marathon. It took setting my sights on doing another (marathon) to get me back into my running shoes. I did the Timberline Marathon in Oregon in September '06, and now I want to do marathons continuously.
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          Welcome! Smile I just want to stick with a program, because in the past I'll get really into running and then just not run for a week. This way, I can stick to about 20 miles per week, sometimes more sometimes less, and teach myself to be consistent.
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            1000 miles is the Mt Everest....'cuz it's there!' I will not stress or beat myself up if I dont make it. But I am running a Marathon in May and another half or full in October so I have a feeling i will make it to the top of the 1000 mile mountain.

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              I'm in it for consistency as well as to have a decent base mileage. So I agree with VA and Kate above. I originally got into running because I wanted to be able to exercise with my husband (who runs, and despises going to the gym, which I don't mind). So, that's it, and now I enjoy races and think with my HM training and potential marathon training, I will be able to average 20 miles/week over the year. I want to develop the habit and have running be part of my regular routine!

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                Great question, and welcome! Smile I picked 1000 miles because I know it's a distance I can safely do without injuring myself. I'm actually hoping to do 1200 for the year (100 miles/month...I'll be running more miles once weather warms up, but for now I have a goal of about 80/month until Spring). I just started running this past Spring and my main goals for this year are to consistently run and set new PRs (especially in the 10 mile and a HM--also my first 25k in May). I'm looking forward to my first full year of running. And I have about 20#s that I'd like to be rid of. That was my primary purpose in starting running in the first place. Haven't lost any weight (probably gained a few, unfortunately...running makes me hungry!), but I'm hooked, nonetheless...and healthier for it! Big grin k

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                    I started running for health reasons, and now just because I can't get enough! I don't have any races in mind - just want to progress and be as fast as I can for my age!!! I really enjoy running alone - this way I can do that and still be part of a group Big grin. I also think that is a good goal to attain without getting injured!

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                      Thanks for all of the responses! It's great to meet everyone and hear a little bit about your reasons for running. Here's to an awesome 2007! Chris
                        I'm kind of late to the game on seeing this question. Weather and work have gotten in the way of my running this week. Sad I just started running in Nov. and am really enjoying it. So I have to say I agree with VA, Kate, and Runchicrun - consistency, decent base milage, and a challenage run a HM later in this year. The 1,000 in my mind is going to be a stretch for me but I respond well to high set goals. My plans are to run an average of 20 miles a week upping my milege during the summer.

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                          For me it is the next step after completing 1000 km in 2006. Plus I plan to run a 30k race and possibly a marathon in 2007. Plus round numbers are nice Smile bas

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                            I know that I can hit it consistently despite what I'm training for. It gives me more flexibility with my training programs and I'm not stressing out each week to hit a higher goal (say the 2000 miler) if I'm not supposed to. More or less it the desire to have to reach a certain number in check.
                              Oh, and so I can make a tee-shirt Smile
                              Kate ;) "The pain of regret is greater than the pain of self discipline."
                                Last year, after I did a marathon in January, I had a REAL motivation problem and my mileage really dropped. I'm on my way to my first HM this year and I want to avoid last year's problem!
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