1000 Mile Club


I Love the Motivation!! (Read 247 times)

    OK I have to admit that I am way behind that stupid bunny! But even though I don't speak up here much I just wanted to let you all know that I find being in this group very motivating. Now that my brother is home from Iraq, we have sold our house and made our first move of three I think I can start focusing again on getting out there and getting some mileage in. Now it's time to start gaining speed on that rabbit!!!


    "Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up." –-Dean Karnazes 


    "There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing" Dave Landgraf


      Isn't the motivation great? It's a fantastic support group. It's funny, though. So many support groups are there to help you get over an addiction, not feed the addiction. On a related note (related to motivation), I'M ON PAGE 3!!! It's a tenuous spot, but I'll try to stay there, and to catch the bunny, who is just six miles ahead. Meanwhile, I'll play the part of the battery on Muhammad Ali's shoulder--I dare you to knock me off. Tongue gig

        I'm still way behind the bunny too, but catching up slowly... I love this group... It makes you want to run more just so you don't fall further behind... Trying to catch that bunny is great motivation... Can't wait until I reach page 3 *smile* Lu
          The way to swallow an elephant is one bite at a time. The way to chase the bunny may be to focus simply on the runner ahead of you and then see if you can't over take them. Of course the other way is to figure out exactly what it will take each day to get you caught up to the bunny. You KNOW what he runs each day....always 2.74 miles. That being said.....any day you run MORE than 2.74 miles you have made up mileage on him for that day. Good luck to all. This IS motivating.

            Nobody's called me on that, yet? I know it's not Ali. He did Decon Fogger. I don't know who did the batter ads. Maybe Robert Mitchum? It doesn't matter. Mothers Day was yesterday, which means I was too busy to run. And then today I took the day off work to buy a new Shop Vac and play with it all day. (The joys of a flooded basement. Black eye) I'm still on page 3, but I'm just dangling like a chad. Somebody knock me off before I get a run in tomorrow!