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Vibram Race Report (Read 410 times)

Eustace Tierney


    I had posted this on the barefoot runners site but decided to post here as well as it was a 10krace. Well, after changing my mind several times I finally decided to wear my Vibrams in last Sundyas 10k race. I decided not to be concerned about times and just see how I got on. After a few weird looks and the odd runner brave enough to ask me what was I was wearing on my feet the race started. I had been warned just before the start that it was a hilly course and not flat as advertised so I was a little aprehensive. The first K was mostly a steady climb but not too steep and I was pleasantly suprised that my watch read 3:55! I was on pace for a sub 40. I had decided beforehand that sub 42 would be good for where I was with my training and for the fact that I was running in Vibrams. I felt fairly good and maintained a steady pace despite the hills. I had no issues with the Vibrams- they felt good! By 6k I had drifted a little off sub 40 pace and my time was now 24:10. I was digging in but not uncomfortable and thought if I could hold this pace a final kick might bring me in around 40mins. It was not to be - my quads and hamstrings were now starting to hurt. At 7k I had dropped another 15 seconds, (28:25). Coud I hold on? I must have missed the 8k marker and was really digging deep at this stage, my quads were aching. Then to rub salt in my wounds a bee or something very like it decided to park itself in my throat and sting me! The 9k marker arrived and I barely glanced at my watch - 37:something. My throat was now aching and starting to swell. Thoughts of it closing over entered my head but I had to keep going. The finish line eventually came into view and I mustered up whatever I had left to finish strong and fast. 41:26! Not too bad all considered. I was dissappointed there appeared to be no medical staff available at the finish line, luckily the pain and swelling in my throat eased after about an hour or so.

    "The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare." Goals: Keep on running!

    Future running partner.

      BEE STING IN THROAT! AGGGGGH! An impressive run regardless!