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    Schlotzsky's Bun Run Course profile: approximately 0.5 mi up hill, 1 mi down hill, 1 mi up hill, 0.5 mi down hill. Out and back. Temperature was good in 65F. Humidity pretty high though, 90%. Starting out position not too bad, had to slow due to some runners in front but not too much. Due to mostly down hill in the first mile, managed a 7:12 split. Slowed down a little to stay at around 8:00 pace. At turn around point I was breathing pretty hard. Then begins the up hill return, my heart rate reached 198 bpm which should be the high (except the final kick) for my 5K base on my max heart rate of 203. So I settled down on that effort and just hang in there, hoping to kick once reached the last 0.5 mile or so. Second mile split 7:58. In fact I wasn't able to kick until 0.2 to the finish, bunch of folks passed my since I slowed down going up hill. Third mile split 8:03. Last 0.1-0.2 mile I put in a little kick, pace for the last 0.11 mile was 6:13 min/mile, and my speed at finish line was 5:00 min/mile.Shocked Crossed finish line seeing 24:00 on my watch. Turned out the chip time was 23:59.47. A satisfying time for my second 5K, the first one was in 2004. I am 3 minutes faster even though I am almost 5 years older, which was encouraging.


      Sweet time! Good race, nice report. Thanks for posting.

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        Excellent! And now we expect even more from you this summer. Big grin


        Running is stupid


          Great race! Thanks for sharing the report. I hope to see even faster times for you in this summer season! Chris

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