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to stretch before or not to stretch before running...that is the question (Read 205 times)


    Because I'm convinced that not stretching before runs has contributed to my injuries. And cold stretching in between run days has helped noticeably. When I had ITB flare ups, I noticed that cold stretching the ITB (advice from a phys therapist) and stretching the hammy made this problem go away quickly. I realize that cold stretching is a dirty phrase these days but my running injuries started to mount after following the "no stretching until warmed up" school of thought. I still stretch after runs which doesn't seem to matter at all in the way my body feels right after but I do it because I know it'll help keep things from getting too tight later that day. I seem to know my limits as to how far and how much I can push a cold stretch. What can I say, a routine of cold stretching seems to be working well for me and has made a positive difference.

    San Francisco - 7/29/12

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      I always walk fast for 5 minutes and then do some stretching before each run. I count the 5 minutes walk of about 0.3 mile separately though, not as my weekly running mileage. I guess you can also run really slow for 5 - 10 minutes then do some stretching before the faster running.