1367 miles, or a marathon per week


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    What was your goal? 1500 miles? Rest well, cross train, you might still be able to hit 1367 miles goal! Thanks for helping!
    Yeah, I really believe it's possible, Goal wise for 2009, I wanted to at least break the 1300 mark. I was also shooting for 3 marathons this year. That may be reduced to one marathon and one 1/2, at this point...we'll see. Scatter in some 5K's and 10K's just for fun and for pace checks. I'm feeling better everyday so I'm encouraged. Thanks Denali!

    San Francisco - 7/29/12

    Warrior Dash Ohio II - 8/26/12

    Chicago - 10/7/12

      Welcome iansyd! We have 16 members now.


        Welcome iansyd!


        We only need 9 more!

        PRs: 27:26 5k/ 49:52 5mi/ 58:17 10k/ 2:09:24 half/ 5:13:17 Full


        2016 Goals 
        1,000 miles/ 100 Day Streak/ 25mpw base/ Race a half marathon/ Try for a sub-6 hour marathon
        Run, consistently, without fail



          #19 here. Thanks for getting the group started. Just six more to go. Maybe Jessica has some friends...



            Looks like I'm no longer the NKOTB. Welcome to the group. Apparently, you and I will become administrators for the group at some point. Woohoo! I think you're the second celebrity in the group, but the FIRST who's also a fictional character. Cool.

              For some reason I read "Paradise Alley" when I was a kid, so whenever I hear the name Cosmo I always think "Carboni."


              Kramer was a good character too, though. He was, I think, the most runnerly of the Seinfeld regulars. Although I'm probably missing a NYC Marathon episode or something.


              Maybe Jessica has some friends...


              I'm sure that Jessica (like Pat Sajak) has like over a million friends probably!

              Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

                Hello! My original goal this year was 1000 miles but (knock on any wooden surface I can find), I think I will check that one off in the next couple of months. So, time to set a new goal! Hopefully, a few more will join soon so we can have a "real" bunny!

                Imminent Catastrophe

                  Hey, just joined. The more the merrier.

                  "Able to function despite imminent catastrophe"

                   "To obtain the air that angels breathe you must come to Tahoe"--Mark Twain

                  "The most common question from potential entrants is 'I do not know if I can do this' to which I usually answer, 'that's the whole point'.--Paul Charteris, Tarawera Ultramarathon RD.


                  √ Javelina Jundred Jalloween 2015

                  Cruel Jewel 50 mile May 2016

                  Western States 100 June 2016

                    So..,that makes it the magic 25? Do we get a real bunny now?!
                      Woohoo!!  Thanks for joining everyone!  Glad to have you!

                      On the road again...

                        We've got 27 members now.  Is the bunny the next to join?

                        I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.

                          Welcom dgtray!  This group is not quite active but it is still a fun YTD Distance group.