1500 Miles So Go Run


Negative Split Made Easy (Read 159 times)

    Today I had my first EVER negative split. I ran 12.3 miles, 6+ on the way out at 1:00 hr, and 6+ on the way back at 51 mins. All it seems you have to do is run into a "f-ing" 30 knot wind on the way out and then have it push you back. Evil grin What a tough run on the way out, 10 min miles, and I was completely exhausted by having to fight the wind. Anyway, now I can say I've done it. What a day, with Spring on the way I guess we are going to have alot of windy days. Undecided
      I've gotten many negative splits done that way! Cussing the first half and enjoyign the last half lol

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