1500 Miles So Go Run


Where's *your* 1500 mile run? (Read 293 times)

    I think I'll go from Raleigh, NC to the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. Big grin Corn Palace Map of Raleigh, NC to Mitchell, SD

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      I am trying to see how long it will take me to go from San Jose to Boston. 1500 miles takes me almost to Omaha. Ewa
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        I'll be going from Quantico Va to Abelene, Texas. I'll be looking out for tumbleweed and armadillos. Shocked
          http://www.infoplease.com/atlas/calculate-distance.html You can figure it out here.....as the crow flies.....I think you might as well be able to cross oceans as it were..... Anyway, I think I'll pass on the middle-America trip (not that there's anything wrong with Omaha...) as my 1500 miles takes me almost precisely from Dayton, OH to Montego Bay, Jamaica.....ya mon.
            Neat idea --- my 1500 miles will take me from Baltimore, Maryland to the Virgin Islands Big grin
            2009: BQ?
              I'm actually going to buy a map of the US and put it in the exercise room, by the treadmill. Last year I made it to Kansas (from the Central Coast of California), and I'd like to make it to New York this year.
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