1500 Miles So Go Run


September Goals (Read 192 times)

    Bring it.

    Live the Adventure. Enjoy the Journey. Be Kind. Have Faith!

      Survive Air Force Marathon!  That's my only goal!

        No racing goals this month (*might* do a ten-miler on the last day of September), but will be doing a half and a full marathon in October.


        I really, really am going to catch that bunny this month.

        Do what you want, just how you like. Nobody has to know.

          I am going to try for 200 miles. We will see. Jen, I'll be running the AF half for fun. 

          Live the Adventure. Enjoy the Journey. Be Kind. Have Faith!

            Going to shoot for 200 miles again this month - made it last month with plenty to spare, but this month school has started up again and so has soccer (and I'm coaching 2 teams) so not sure if mileage will suffer this Fall.


            Scrapping the 200 mile goal.  Been way too tired in the morning to be getting up every day at 4:00, and weekends have been a bust with soccer.  I dont want to wear out my legs on Saturday with a long run so they are trashed for my soccer game on Sunday, then after the game on Sunday my legs usually feel like lead and I can barely squeak out 3-4 miles.  Oh well, I'll figure out this schedule sooner or later.

              Hey - for once I have some monthly goals! My September goal is for 140 miles. My other goal, which I just did last Sunday was to break 2 hrs for the half marathon.


              oh and I finally made it onto page one of the bunny list !

              Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

                At this point, I just want to run with some regularity this month, what's left of it.


                The last few weeks involved a nasty sinus infection, strep, antibiotics (I have ulcerative colitis, so antibiotics are my enemy).  Then, recovered-ish, a "shit went WRONG" wisdom teeth extraction.  Roots all the way to sinuses...so drilling and another sinus infection.  It's been super fun.  Still dealing with swelling, but the second sinus infection is gone, as is the second course of antibiotics.


                Finally got a run in yesterday after almost two weeks off.  That's the longest I've gone without running since I started in May  '11.  I've been wanting to crawl out of my skin :-P.


                The good news is that I think I've turned a corner, finally.  This has proven to me that if I ever get truly injured and have to take real time off, I will lose my mind entirely. 


                I do have a race this month, the White Tail Trail Half Marathon on the 29th, but it's no longer a "goal race" because of my last few weeks.  I'm going to just enjoy the Caesar Creek trails as much as I can.

                "When a person trains once, nothing happens. When a person forces himself to do a thing a hundred or a thousand times, then he certainly has developed in more ways than physical. Is it raining? That doesn't matter. Am I tired? That doesn't matter, either. Then willpower will be no problem." 
                Emil Zatopek

                  Glad you're finally over the hump and feeling better, RG. You've still got half the month left to run and prepare for your HM.


                  Know what you mean about not running. If you're sick enough to not miss it, that's one thing. But otherwise, what I've done is to substitute another strenuous activity so I don't miss it as much.   It's not the same, but it helps.

                  Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

                    Ouch, Ryan! Sounds like your September was a lot like my April.  Glad you are getting better!

                    Live the Adventure. Enjoy the Journey. Be Kind. Have Faith!