1500 Miles So Go Run


Big Gap (Read 105 times)

    So I always seem to find myself right on the fringe of staying on page one. One day I'm on it, the next day I'm on page 2. Today I happened to jump to page 1 after my run this morning (more than likely because most everyone else has not posted their runs for today yet) and I looked at the person above me and saw that I was 14 miles behind them. 14 miles seemed like a big gap to me. Being the competitive person I am (and having left the bunny behind a while ago) I have been gauging myself off others on the1500 mile group instead, but now feel like I am pretty much stuck where I am because I dont have time to increase mileage any more than what I am doing and 14 miles behind seems like it would take a while to make up. Nice job everyone on their mileage though - it is impressive to see how many people run this much.