1500 Miles So Go Run


JULY GOALS!!! (Read 871 times)

    Just added up the miles in my plan this month. Yikes. Surprised


    1) Move training plan from Google calendar to new RA feature

    2) 256 miles

    3) Work on form problems.  Apparently I'll have lots of opportunity to do this!

    4) Improve nutrition.  June saw a return to my junk-food tendencies.


    Secret goal - sneak into the top 12 for the 1500 YTD distance.  But shhhh...  Don't tell anyone.


    1) Check - Like it so far.

    2) 275

    3) Check - Needs lots more work.

    4) FAIL.  (munching on chocolate-covered raisins as I'm typing this)


    Do you know the feeling I know? When your legs have disappeared, and there is only your heart, your lungs, and your eyes skimming disembodied through the air? - Jeff


      195 miles, I may take it easy in the heat this month and try to do well at the San Francisco half marathon at the end

       201.5 miles!  Cool


      Running is stupid

        Okay, at this point i'll be lucky to hit 150 this month.  Went away on vacation last week and just didnt get in the running that I was hoping to.


        I had a good last week of the month, with two 13+ milers, hitting 168 miles for the month which was better than I thought I would do mid-way through the month.  hoping I can now use last week's training to catapult me into a good August training month.


        Though I do have another week of vacation planned this month, which is what really hurt me last month.

          205 miles :-)  'bout stinkin' time I got back over that 200 mile mark.


          Nice work!

          Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

            200 miles.




            Maybe it's time to get some consistency?

            Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

              I'm thinking if you would like to have functioning legs by the time you are 50.... consistency might be a good idea Big grin


              I dare you to get 200 next month... and not all in one day!!!

              Live the Adventure. Enjoy the Journey. Be Kind. Have Faith!

              Arrogant Bastard....Ale

                240 miles

                 207 miles


                The heat and a cold did me in this month.  We'll shoot for 240 again in August.