1500 Miles So Go Run


February Is DONE - How did you do? (Read 341 times)

    208km for me, quite a good month. I moved up from the 1000 mile club at the end of last month and now i´ve just passed the pace bunny. So i´m quite pleased.
      144. Less than Jan, but average distance per run was up. So, all in all, it was ok. Not where I really wanted to end up, because (I shamefully admit), there were a couple of days I didn't run because is was just too windy, cold and dark, and I wimped out.
      My Masters (>50) Race PR's: 5K - 20:17 10K - 42:36 HM - 1:31:22 Marathon - 3:20:48
        Did 100 miles for FEB...I wonder how much longer I'll be Chasing the Bunny's Tail. Did 31 Miles first week in March. Keeping with a 5-10 % Marathon training increase per week I should catch that damn rabbit in about three months. As long as I keep training smart and stay away from illness or injury all should be well in the 1500 mile challenge.
          Not good. I missed over 70 miles due to injury and sickness. I have missed 30 mioes so far in March. Hopefully I will pick the pace back up soon.
            Only 144 km in February - in January I did 280 km!! Roll eyes Could not run until 10 February due to illness ... Had also to cancel some long runs for that reason, still too weak in the period after the illness. So not the best preparation for my first HM this year on 4 March.Then tapering for this HM in the end of February. Didn´t plan to do as much as in January, but anyhow much more than I managed to do. Hopefully March will be better also for me!!! But I'm still ahead of the bunny Big grin

            ... keep on running ... ... and ciao, ciao Regina

              Rokenmom, I am forever chasing ... you! Tongue
              2009: BQ?

                103 mi in Feb. This bunny is awesome motivation! Hope to get 120-140 miles in March.

                Some runners drag a tire. I drag a Great Pyrenees.

                  Rokenmom, I am forever chasing ... you! Tongue

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