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Holy Smokes, I missed an exciting feature! (Read 127 times)

Eternal Rookie

    I just clicked on Races under reports. hokieesq ran the Comrades ultra and andsmit had a sub 3:00 marathon. Lots of other races run by our little group, very cool.

    Needs more cowbell!

      Neat, isn't it!  I just discovered that another person ran the same leg of the same relay race that I did...though he was much faster than I.  Of course, I ran most of the race with a grade 2 sprained ankle, so there is that. Tongue

      '16 Goals:

      • Do some dus...and some CX...and some tandem gravel...and some podiums...

      • PRs

      • 130#s (or less)

      • Stop letting my core go to hell