1000 Miles Running, 1000 Miles Biking


The raw numbers for January (Read 183 times)

Eternal Rookie

    Athlete                         Run                 Bike

    BOWSER                   0                      80.9

    Buzz 63                       15                    186.6

    Chenille                      60.6                 0

    djdeary                        90.5                 0

    dtraitor                         26.2                 49.5

    Eternal Rookie          122.6               0

    gmar4718                  112.3               58.4

    hokieesq                     57                    45

    jules2                          90.6                 214.3

    leftylogan                    173.6               0

    Lizard-82                    23.9                 39.2

    lostinthenet3              59.2                 0

    Mikeco                        94.3                 0

    Pace Bunny                86.1                 86.1

    pfriese                         203                  0

    shadowrunner           122.7               0

    stephgupton               87.3                 0

    westward13               167                  0

    xhristopher                 286.7               0

    zoom-zoom                82.1                 202

    Needs more cowbell!

      Shit, Jules is beating me!!! Wink


      This year I think 1000 miles on-foot is not likely to happen...but I'm shooting for at least 4k miles on my bike.  Now that we have the tandem and a way to get DS out for 25-50 miles at a shot with us there's even less incentive for me to run much.  Were it not for duathlons (which are super fun and are one of the few cycling race options aside from TTs and criteriums in these parts) I'd maybe not run much at all, anymore.

      '17 Goals:

      • Keep doing stuff.

        Shit, Jules is beating me!!! Wink


        He beat me too, by about 18 miles. I'll have to try harder in February.


          xhristopher you nearly ran as many miles in January as I cycled and ranShocked


          Zoom Zoom, you can only count 50% of tandem miles as you are only providing 50% of the powerSad


          We have a competition going in the bike club and just to be in it you have to do a minimum of a 100k ( 65 mile ) ride every month of the year.


          I did it today so this week I've got another 92 miles under my belt.


          I haven't run this week as I have a poorly hamstring and I'm saving it for the 13 mile fell race on SundayConfused

          Old age is when you move from illegal to prescribed drugs.

          Needs more cowbell!

            Zoom Zoom, you can only count 50% of tandem miles as you are only providing 50% of the powerSad


            Are some of your miles on the tandem?  All of mine are on the nowhere bike...so they should count for 200%! Big grin

            '17 Goals:

            • Keep doing stuff.

              4th in running miles!  Woot!  Smile

                Honest, I will get on the bike this year.