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Asic 2140...some final words (Read 237 times)


    So, earlier some of you wanted my opinion on the 2140's. Keeping in mind that these were my first pair of Asics, and in comparison to NB 769, Mizuno Inspire 4, Mizuno Nirvana...I don't like the 2140's. They give me shin splint like pain in my legs after only one run. I can put them aside for a week, run in other shoes legs feeling good) and go out for 4,6, or 10 in the 2140's and my legs hurt. ALso feel extra tightness in my lower calf muscles. Two runs in one week with them makes for more pain than I can stand. But that's just me. I have a few friends who love their Asics. What a shame for me because they make good looking shoes too. Ciao. Trey

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      Sorry to hear that Trey. I love my Asics, and am still running on 2130's. When they need replacing I'll try the 2140's in the shop first. See how they fit.

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