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Weekly check in: 3 - 9 January 2011 (Read 401 times)

    It's Monday Roll eyes and back to the normal routine of work. Boss is gone for the week (hooray). Next Monday they'll finally let me know what job I'll be doing as of 1 March. If any.


    Everyone have a wonderful 2011.


    Perfesser: hope there's nothing seriously wrong with Daisy. It could be benign right?


    Sleepy and tired this morning. Stayed in bed a little longer.


    Today was strength training: did High Reps including abs. Another workout with gliding disks. Hope DOMS won't be so bad this time.


    ETA: I'm still ahead of the bunny Joking

    I go running in the early morning, before my brain figures out what I'm up to.

    Run the day, or the day runs you.

    Actions determine state of mind - Aristotle

      What goals do you all have for 2011?  Here's mine in no particular order:


      1) be more consistent with my running / strength training than I was in 2010

      2) finish Vancouver injury free and enjoy my time there

      3) make my mileage goal this year (is related to no. 1)

      3) find a new job: not going to be easy in the current job market at my age

      4) take two courses and take the exams (I still have to finish my Strategy course)

      5) try out 52 new recipies

      6) read 4 books from the big stack of unread ones

      I go running in the early morning, before my brain figures out what I'm up to.

      Run the day, or the day runs you.

      Actions determine state of mind - Aristotle

      Loves the outdoors

        I'm joining in Smile. 1890km last year, so I'm close to the 2000km number and hope to surpass it this year.



        1) Run my first Half Marathon finishing with a respectable time (for me)

        2) Sub 1-hour 10km

        3) Keep running consistently while listening to my body and not being an idiot to get km's in for the sake of my running log

        One day I decided I wanted to become a runner, so I did.

          Happy Monday! I had my first run of the year yesterday in Maine (warm and foggy) and I was happy to bump into some old YMCA buddies - thinking about doing the Bar Harbor Half Marathon later this year... I will be tweaking a HM plan in Brad Hudson's book "Run Faster" for my spring training.


          Now back in Canada - today is a clean up day before work tomorrow.


          2011 Goals:

          Complete at least 2 or maybe 3 HMs this year and improve each time

          Stick with weight training and get body fat down to 20-22% range

          Sub one hour 10K (missed it by 30 seconds last time)

          Try some even longer runs in the summer, 15-18 mile range (prep for 2012 marathon)

          Eat less meat and more veggies



          MTA: Ahhh spacing is back.



            I seem to have lost paragraph spacing...



              I'm behind already.  Did my first run of the new year today.  It was a little slow and painful.  Thanks for the mention of DOMS Dutchie.  Went to the gym with DW yesterday for a couples workout with her trainer.  Her trainer really likes squats.....I do not.


              I see Trey is quietly back in the game.  Over 50 miles in December and already on the board in 2011.  Welcome back.

                I'm behind already too- but not for long. I expect to be ahead by the weekend. My first run of the new year was last night - 5 miles - and it was cold and quick (for me!) Felt strong though which felt really really good. On the first, I want snowshoeing for a couple hours. Gorgeous day for that. Took a photo of a snow covered tree that I think looks like an eagle. What do you think?


                Running goals for the new year?

                Get consistent with 30-35 mpw base.

                Regain 10 mpm average pace.

                That's all I can come up with right now. 


                Hi TreyWelcome back.

                Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

                  down for the count.  I have a stomach bug that is knocking me out. 

                    Heffa: some stomach bug bothered me last week. Kept me from running for nearly 6 days. Hope yours goes away real quick.

                    nzrun: welcome to the club Smile Think we're the only two internationals here. Not counting Canadians Wink


                    Yesterday I did Runerval 1.0 on the TM. Added 10 minutes and a few sets of speed intervals at the end cause I had planned 45 minutes / 7K and this particular workout is only 35 minutes. Used 9K/h for my base pace, which is my easy pace. And adjusted the speed increases accordingly. Also skipped the walk breaks that Coach Troy suggested.


                    Today I have 35 minutes / 5.5K planned. Plus a plyo w/o. I'll report back later if I managed both Big grin I will do my best this year to stay ahead of the pink beast Smile

                    ETA: Done! Well, except the plyo. Hope to do that tonight.

                    I go running in the early morning, before my brain figures out what I'm up to.

                    Run the day, or the day runs you.

                    Actions determine state of mind - Aristotle

                      My new ab workout and diet is working great.  I'm down 5 lbs in 2 days and my abs are rock hard.


                      Happy - That tree definitely looks like an eagle.  That's cool.

                        Monday: 3 easy

                        Tuesday: 3 mile tempo run (10 min. w/u, 10 min. work up to 10K pace, 10 min. c/d).  First time running under 9:00 since mid October and it showed: felt very clumsy.  Could barely walk afterward because of stiffness in my right ankle probably caused by being so un-smooth, but no pain today.


                        Wed: 5 easy with a pickup at the end

                        Tomorrow: 1 or 2 just to keep my streak going

                        Friday: 3

                        Saturday: 6

                        Sunday 11


                        Using a Hal Higdon plan again.  Don't know why,  just haven't found a different plan I like.  I need something that's very prescriptive (run this far, this fast, this day), but I think I need a different prescription than Higdon's.

                        New Orleans Marathon - 2/24/2013  4:16:32

                        Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon - 4/27/2013 4:09:56 PR!

                        Honolulu Marathon - 12/8/2013

                          Yesterday was group run day.  The planned run was 3 miles so I did a 2 mile warmup to get to my planned 5.  Astonishingly I was completely pain free for the first time in months. No calf pain, no stiffness.  I felt light and bouncy and pushed the pace with almost no effort.  


                          And then I tripped over a curb and rolled out into the middle of a 5-lane road.  Thankfully the light was with me so no cars got involved, but I did wind up with this:


                          Which explains why I don't do much trail running. I was wearing gloves so my hands are OK, but I put a hole in one of them and tore a hole in my brand new Memphis Marathon tech shirt.


                          Immediately after the fall my knee was very sore and I was limping badly.  Thought I'd really messed it up.  After a 10 minute break waiting for the group run to start it felt fine and I put in 3 more fast miles. Feels fine this morning.


                          Even with the blood, it was the best run I've had in forever.  Can't wait for the next one.

                          New Orleans Marathon - 2/24/2013  4:16:32

                          Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon - 4/27/2013 4:09:56 PR!

                          Honolulu Marathon - 12/8/2013

                            Heffa: hope your tummy is feeling better now?  I've tried that weight loss plan before, but can never maintain my results.Clown


                            nzrun: forgot to say Hello. I like your goal of listing to your body and not being too attached to your mileage goal - hard to do that.


                            OUCH! drphibes Did you get DOMS from THAT? How'd you do on today's run?


                            Still hoping for good news about Daisy.


                            My 5-4-8-4-10 weekly plan has been working out so well that I plan to increase Saturday to 11 - or maybe get daring and go to 12 miles.


                            I think that committing to running each distance without stopping has made a definite difference for me...I don't know why I never heard of this before.Blush

                            Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

                              I'm back on my feet again but feeling very weak.  Total weight loss of 6 lbs which I'm sure will come right back in the next couple of days.  I don't think I will be up for a run until at least Saturday.  Not a very good start for the year but there is still a lot of time left to make up ground.

                              Imminent Catastrophe

                                Daisy appreciates the concern! We should have the biopsy results soon, she's doing well.

                                I'm in San Antonio for Saturday's 50k, it's supposed to be a tough one! The motto of the race is "Everything here cuts, bites or stings". 

                                "Able to function despite imminent catastrophe"

                                 "To obtain the air that angels breathe you must come to Tahoe"--Mark Twain

                                "The most common question from potential entrants is 'I do not know if I can do this' to which I usually answer, 'that's the whole point'.--Paul Charteris, Tarawera Ultramarathon RD.


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