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Imminent Catastrophe

    6.3 with Daisy on a spectacular day, Cool, clear, 60°F. It's nice to run outside! MTA: I have some time in San Fran Monday. I sure hope to do the Bridge run!

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      10 today, it was a nice day, been raining the last few days so the sky was amazingly clear which is a rarity in LA. Weather was nice, sun was out, had a great run and I timed it perfectly, it started raining again when I was about half a block from the house. Also longest run in a while, I can't remember the last time I did a double digit run.
        My back feels stiff but no longer painful. I want to get a run in on the TM. If my back acts up I can step off. But my boys are annoyingly watchful. They don't want me to run today. Mike, my oldest will leave for work soon (he does an internship at a local gym). And Jimmy is usually to wrapped up in his computer games so I just have to wait a bit. I'll report back later. Aaron: great run.

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          I'm hoping for 14 later today. It's going up to the mid-50s today, so I thought I'd wait for it to get there before I head out. Is spring here, or is this just a teaser?
            I got a easy 4 in today to end the week at 37 miles. Not bad. Temps were about 40, with light winds and bright sun when I went out. Seriously thought about doing the whole loop again, I would say the weather today was perfect. I think this weather may stick around for a few days into the next week, too... Cool



              hacking and wheezing the whole way, I managed 10 miles. Actually wasn't a bad run, despite diminished lung capacity from this damn cold. Perfesser - hope you get a bridge run in.

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                I ran about 5 in Seward AK which is a drop dead gorgeous spot! Heading beack to Juneau today and my plane may not get in due to a blizzard. Oh well...my running is seriously in the toilet
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