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Weekly checkin: 15-21 november (Read 496 times)

    Congrats Russ!  Your turn Happy.

      My turn today in factBig grin - which I didn't expect for some reason. Happy to be meet the annual goal.


      Didn't meet my new weekly goal of 30 mpw this week though.Oh well, 2 steps forward; one step back; I'll get there.


      I think all the sugary and salty Christmas Treats at the office have had an impact on my muscles and joints this past week - extra achey and twingey, knees feel tight.  Can't wait for the holidays to be over because I can't resist temptation! Although I might be motivated enough now to try abstaining to see if it makes me feel better.


      Hmm what does it say about me that DH brought home The Most Perfect Wheelbarrow from his office Xmas party as a "Santa Gift" and I'm in love with it?  Honestly!  It has TWO wheels on the front so it's easier to balance with a heavy load; and it's very lightweight and easy to turn!  My old ancient (rusty) one-wheeler broke a handle recently and I'd looked at replacements which were all unsuitable for one reason or another. I only garden and do yardwork out of necessity - we have an acre of mostly landscaped property, some wild - and there's a fair amount of maintenance required. Anything that makes it easier is a Wonderful Gift to me. I think this wheelbarrow is one the best things I could have been given; I just love it! Might have said that already.Blush

      Go as long as you can, and then take another step.

      Imminent Catastrophe


        Congrats! We were neck-and-neck for a long time.

        A wheelbarrow with two front wheels sounds excellent! I can see how that would work well, DW would really like one of those!

        I met up with my local running group GUTS this morning for a long run. Unfortunately most of our members were no-shows and the ones who did show up were really fast. They took off up the trail like rabbits. I tried to keep up for a while but couldn't. Anyway it ended up being a hard long run then I did another 4 after getting home. So it was an 18-mile day, and I'm tired. 

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          We have one of the two wheelers and they are great.  Not as maneuverable as the one-wheel variety, but much more useful.  The fact that you can shovel dirt into them without having it tip over makes it worth the money.


          Finished the first week of my new "nothing over 10" plan.  Decided that I'm not going to run anything at slower than 10 minute pace (adjusted for terrain) any more.  Its not that big a shift since I was running pretty consistently 10:15 before.  More mental than anything.  To be safe, I'm starting at low mileage and plan to gradually ramp up.  Not going to make 1800 for the year which was my goal back in January.  Too many short weeks due to injury this fall.  Maybe next year.

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