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January 2014 (Read 21 times)

    First long run of the new year for me yesterday: 14 challenging road miles with a friend. It was a route I used for a lot of my long runs in marathon training last summer.  It was a tough go yesterday. Things really fell apart in the last two miles, running form-wise, and my right leg mutinied. I think I was running a little too fast for my current recovery status and that's why.  Otherwise - mentally - it felt great to be out on a nice scenic bike trail with lovely mountain and ocean views. I spent time with the foam roller and tennis ball this morning and will do my yoga workout later.  Looking forward to repeating the same run next Saturday - hopefully with a happier ending.


    What has everyone else been up to this weekend?

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      It's good to read that you're having fun running again, HappyFeat. It's the magic of the trails!


      I'm already 6.7 rabbit days (it's my favorite unit for mileage, defined in the lines of the astronomers' light year) behind the pace bunny! That's not good. But it's been raining since the new year, and I don't like going out when it's raining. The weather cleared a bit today, but I had no time to take the opportunity. Maybe tomorrow!

        Yep - Ze - I'm back in the saddle

        It looks like my Saturday LR coming up will be in a wind/rain storm. I'll get to work on all the things I love about running: mental toughness, perseverance, endurance, the power of nature.  That being said, I'm considering a more "sheltered" option than what I ran last Saturday.


        I know how lucky I am not to be facing the bitter cold that a lot of the country is dealing with. I'm sure I wouldn't leave the treadmill in that case.


        How is everyone else doing in kicking off their wild bunny chase?

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          How is everyone else doing in kicking off their wild bunny chase?


          12 km on Saturday, 20 km on Sunday.

          The did a lazy trail run Tuesday over first 21 km of Tarawera Ultra course followed by a swim in the lake.

          Tomorrow (Saturday) running 34 km with the guy I am pacing for the Tarawera Ultra.  This time from Okataina to Lake Tarawera outlet and back.  One of the prettiest parts of the course.  Russ will remember those sections.

          Might have a rest on Sunday.

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          One day at a time

            I joined this group as a lark, not thinking I had ANY chance of keeping up with the pace bunny.  But I have so far!  I have run 106 miles the past 30 days, farther than I've gone in years.  So I will keep taking one day at a time and see how it goes.

              I'm a bit behind the bunny, but the morning tea is finished and I'm off to the gym to tackle 6 on the treadmill. I did get a few miles outside yesterday before this "tropical storm" hit. it's plus 10*C! I hear this is an ice storm in Maine!

              Happy Sunday, A




                Did the Trail Centro Vicentino da Serra today. That's a 40 km trail race with 1700 m accumulated ascent. Lots of steep climbing, lots of steep descents, really irregular single tracks, water streams, the whole package...

                The first 25 km were ok. The 12 following were worrying first, then quite bad. The last three km were horrible! (Probably even more so because I thought it was a 37 km race, right up until the very last feed station!)


                Had a lot of short cramps. It had never happened to me.Should have trained better.

                Overall, it wasn't fun. At all.

                But I bet I'll have a different view tomorrow.

                  Happy Sunday, Ayola. How was the gym?


                  Way to go, Teresa! I KNOW you can do this!


                  Ze - oh dear, what an experience! You got a good measure of where you're at and what a way to pack in a lot of miles in pursuit of the Bunny -- you nearly caught up! If you start the year with a marathon like that, it can only get better, right??


                  Puke - all the trail running sounds so fun. Any pics?


                  My LR yesterday was somewhat the same as last week --- and not in a good way. Even though I chose a flat  route instead of a hilly one like last Saturday, my right glute muscle again got tired 3 miles from the end. That means my lower leg starts carrying more of the load and tightens up and eventually the whole leg aches and hurts.  So this time, I stopped and stretched - everything. Then I tried to pick up the pace to keep the glute engaged. That actually worked and everything felt better, except I just wanted it to be over! I was tired.   I have GOT to get back on track doing my glute medius exercises and all the rest from Physical Therapy. THAT's my big To Do this year.

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                    Treadmill was OK, not thrilling but gets the job done. I am glad that the fancy new branch with all of the bells and whistles is a short drive/ long walk from the house.

                    Ze - where is the Trail Centro?

                    Happy - take care of those glutes! I have been going to yoga class every Monday afternoon (a page from your book, thanks) I'm really enjoying it. I also really believe it helps with my sleeping as well.






                      Ayola, Trail Centro was close to Portalegre, a small town more or less in the middle of Portugal, quite close to the border with Spain. That's a one and a half hour drive from where I live, but maybe a little bit more for you, I'm afraid...


                      Indeed, today I'm more happy about my run yesterday. Other than cramps, I haven't felt the pains in the back of the knees and on the hips that really bothered the first time (this was my second) I ran a marathon. Today my legs hurt a bit, but that was to be expected. Except from that, I feel fine. And I didn't train for this marathon, haven't even kept a decent mileage in these last few months. So, I guess it was quite OK.


                      Happy, you ask "If you start the year with a marathon like that, it can only get better, right??". I sure hope you're right!...

                      And I hope you getter better soon from your muscle issues.


                      Happy running!

                        Trail Centro Vicentino da Serra today. .... really irregular single tracks......Overall, it wasn't fun. At all.


                        and I can see why!!! I googled it and came up with some guy's YouTube video made with I guess a camera attached to his body....I hardly ever saw an actual trail!  It looked like he didn't even know which way to go half the time!  That's some rugged racing, Ze. I'm glad you are feeling good today.


                        PS: I had an exuberant 7-mile run on my treadmill tonight...felt terrific!

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                          Just checking in as a new group member. Planning to push my mileage up from about 900 last year. Already behind the damn bunny but reckon I'll start to close the gap when the weather warms up!

                            Welcome Arca! You have the whole year to catch up. The Bunny makes quite a motivational target.


                            Hey Fyrfytr - in case you're reading the threads - I read your log entry for last Saturday. I was out in that!! at about the same time! I turned around at 7th and headed back westward on the bike trail. We coulda joined forces - not that you would have wanted to slow down to my pace   But that rain was something!

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                              Hi Arca!

                              Portugal! Sigh... I am looking forward to a trip to Barcelona in March, going with family for Mom's 70th birthday, by then I'll need it after a dreary winter.

                              This week was pretty uneventful, a bit of tweak in the back after overdoing it in yoga class. We focused on hip openers which felt great for hips and my hamstrings, low back and ankles not so much. I must remember that I'm new to this form of movement. Looking forward to 7 miles tomorrow perhaps in a light snow.

                              Happy Saturday night, A



                              One day at a time

                                My 15-year-old daughter is leaving for Spain week after next.  She will live with a host family in Cadiz and attend a local school.  I have to admit, I'm jealous!


                                I ran 30.1 miles this week, the most I've done since December, 2008.  It's feeling really good, too!  I still take too many walk breaks, but I figure my endurance will increase if I just keep putting in the time and miles.