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January 2013 Racing Thread (Read 514 times)

    Happy New Year!  Haven't seen a racing thread for the start of the year, so I'll take a stab at it.  Who's getting the early start in the year?


    Ileneforward 1/5 13.1 New Years Race LA LA <2:15 2:10:58
    MrFinn 1/12 10M NJ Winter Trail Series Race #3 NJ Beer afterwards

     1:49:05 - Beer &

    a throbbing what?

    WrigleyGirl 1/12 100k Bandera 100k Bandera, TX <13:00:00 DNF Sad
    Xhristopher 1/12 13.1 Disney World Half Marathon WDW, FL <1:22:52 (PR)  1:23:53
    Ileneforward 1/13 13.1 Allstate 13.1 LA LA <2:00 2:00:09
    Flatfooter 1/13 50k Frozen Gnome 50k Crystal Lake, IL

    Top 3


     1 OA!


    TeaOlive 1/19 5k Dog  Gone Cold 5K   Augusta, GA


     24:30; 1AG
    Trent 1/19 50k Swampstomper 50k  


    muddy <8

    J-Lee-C 1/19 5k Goseong 5k S. Korea <16.49 (PR)  16:48
    flarunner 1/20 13.1 St. Pete Beach Half Marathon St. Pete Beach run FAST  1:43:39
    Ileneforward 1/20 10k Sheriff's Run Homicide Division LA <55:00  56:40
    Slo_Hand 1/20 100km Triple D 100km Ultra Snow Bike Dubuque, IA <8hr Complete; <8
    Ileneforward 1/26 13.1 Sandy Hook Virtual Half Marathon It's virtual <2:00:00 2:11:35
    Cecil57 1/26


    Freeze Your Fanny 5k




    NaderAlfie 1/26



    USATF-NJ Open and Masters Indoor

    T&F Championships


    1500: <5:05

    800: <2:30



    kencamet 1/26 5000m WVJS 5k on the track Saratoga, CA <18:30  18:18
    WhoDatRunner 1/26 5k Winter Run 5k Indianapolis, IN <23:19


    32 sec PR & 1 AG

    Trent 1/26 50k Mountain Mist 50k  

    <6:45 but

    who cares

    mbehr 1/27  13.1  ING Miami Half Marathon  MIAMI!!!  <1:15:00   1:18:22, 28 OA, 5 AG

      Triple D,   Jan 20th,  100km Ultra Snow Bike,  Dubuque IA,   Finish and Under 8 hrs


      Triple D


      There is also a HM Run/Ski, Marathon Run/Ski, Ultra Run/Ski and a Poker Run option for Bikes. There's room left for any of you looking for a good challenge. Lots of good beer, pizza, door prizes and $$ payout.

        Updated the table for the January half I was hoping signed up to do.  Icebreakers in Miwaukee was sold out (both halves and the marathon relay) so that left me looking for something around Chicago.  What the hell was I thinking I could find something "good" in January near Chicago?  It was either the cold, windy run I had this weekend or I started the beers too early on New Year's Eve but when I woke up, there were all these confirmations in the email that had to do with Miami.


        Actually, we have some friends going down to Miami for the half, so we thought why the hell not.  If anything, it will be a nice break from the cold for a long weekend.


          Ileneforward  1/5 New Years Race Los Angeles      goal 2:15   (it will be dark and hilly!)

          1/13   Allstate 13.1 Los Angeles         goal 2:00    I hope the weather is good

          1/20   Sheriff's run Homicide division  goal 55:00   (its a 10k)


          I'm taking it easy in January   Cool


          Running is stupid

            kencamet   1/26   5,000   WVJS 5K on the Track     Saratoga, CA    <18:30

            12 Monkeys

              1/19 - Swampstomper 50k (actually, 32.6 miles) - 7 hours. If muddy then 8 hours.

              1/26 - Mountain Mist 50k - who cares. Maybe 6:45.

              These are both technical and can be muddy, so slow.

                This is almost the same route I ran a trail 10 miler on in November, but throw in some snow and mud and it is really hard to predict what the conditions will be like.  There will be some good competition for me though.  I know 4 of the guys racing it and all are +/- 10 minutes or so of my marathon time so should help keep pushing the pace.  If I had to throw out a time, I would say <4:35.



                Flatfooter 1/13 50K Frozen Gnome 50K Crystal Lake,IL Top 3  

                Prince of Fatness



                  10 Mile
                  NJ Winter Trail Series Race #3

                  Lewis Morris Park, Morristown, NJ

                  Goal: None, really.


                  HasherRick is the RD and I love running those trails, so this basically just to get some work in then hang out and have a beer or two with Rick afterward.


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                    Putting on a trail race in the morning, but no goal - may just jog it.

                    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                    Demon of Bad Decisions

                      1/12  Bandera 100k  Bandera (Hill Country) Texas  Goal: sub 13:00:00


                      I'm not doing such a great job recovering from Desert Solstice. I was so excited to hop right back into good mileage and workouts, but instead I am sleeping like I never have in my life, and there are bits and pieces of me that are still sore. Anyways, I am a slug, but this is my favorite race. It is super hilly and rocky, hence the goal that is hours slower than my PR.

                      I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart

                        Disney World Half Marathon on 12 Jan. This is a goal race for me so hopefully I've played my training cards well enough to go for a PR (sub 1:22:52).


                         It will be dark and flat!




                          Running is stupid

                          old woman w/hobby

                            TeaOlive    1/19     Dog  Gone Cold 5K   Augusta, Ga.    <24:00    


                            And yes X,  I know that it isn't really cold.



                            Just run.

                              TeaOlive    1/19     Dog  Gone Cold 5K   Augusta, Ga.    <24:00    


                              And yes X,  I know that it isn't really cold.


                              Give climate change a chance. Eventually it might get cold. Meanwhile, you will have to make due with winter weekend forecasts like this one - mid 70s.

                              old woman w/hobby

                                I froze my butt off last year at 53F with rain.   Of course I'll have a little bit more

                                fat insulation this year Sad



                                Just run.