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December Racing Thread (Read 780 times)

Will Crew for Beer

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      Sorry about the sore butt, WhoDat.  And congratulations on the awesome tree, Ilene!



      "Just stop fucking drinking too much and being fat.  Pretty simple.  Who the hell cares if you like beer.  

      We can't always do the things we like all the time."  --Candice

        @AP: camaraderie is always a bonus.


        @WDR and C-R: ouch and near-ouch!  Icy roads suck.


        @Ilene: how big a tree? Full-size, desktop, table-topper, charm-bracelet?

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          WTG Clive. Another PR.


          and who would have knows Illene was so anti-shoe.


          The ice was scattered and there was still plenty of asphalt. The pain of wearing those wouldn't have been worth it.

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            Wow, good running and racing this weekend.  Congrats on the PR, CliveF.


            I really thought I was sandbagging in a big way with a goal of <60:00 on the 10K/5K double.   I'd never run something like this and it was tougher than I imagined especially in the conditions we had.  I struggled to run a combined time of 59:38 so not so much of a sandbag!


            Ran the 10K at 7:30AM with light rain and gusting winds on what would normally be a fast course.  I just wasn't able to groove into it and ran 39:17.  It wasn't like I was just running just a hard effort either, I was racing.  Once the 10K finished I had about an hour until the start of the 5K at 9:30AM.  I tried to stay loose by alternating jogging around and going back into the gym to warm up.  I made a final mistake of going to my car for a dry shirt and sitting down for 15 minutes.  When I got out of the car I could barely put one leg in front of the other.  Creaked over to the starting line and, honestly, felt a little better and looser.  Wind and rain picked up a good bit during the 5K and I ended up struggling home in 20:22.  Nothing hurt and I was trying my best I just couldn't go any faster.  I can't really blame it on the conditions, I'm just off my game right now but I guess I'm OK with that.  The year's coming to a close and it's time to recharge anyway.


            BTW - that looks like that's it on the schedule, if I didn't get your time right on the chart lemme know.


              Full size tree.  Smile  5 feet


              Running is stupid

              old woman w/hobby

                Full size tree.  Smile  5 feet





                "Just stop fucking drinking too much and being fat.  Pretty simple.  Who the hell cares if you like beer.  

                We can't always do the things we like all the time."  --Candice

                Feeling the growl again

                  Full size tree.  Smile  5 feet


                  I've won a turkey at a Thanksgiving race but this is a new one on me.  I guess if you're going to win an award at that race, you'd better pre-plan to transport your award...

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