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Feeling the growl again


    Took a while for it to click in my pea-sized brain that you were thinking C was back in the masses.  I figure all you Indy vets know all this, but I had some time on a conference call, and here's how it was in 2011.  Corral C was right on top of the start.



    My use of Indy as an example as I had experience with it confused things -- he's running in Miami.

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        Nice...I was pretty darn pleased with myself for being seeded in the D corral at Indy Mini 2011.  So much for that, sigh. (insert sound of balloon deflating here...)   Cry


        [totally kidding. not about the corral though, it was nice and spacious up there]


        I was a couple of blocks behind you. It took over 10 minutes to hit the starting line after the gun sounded.

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          It could be...Corral A is wheelchair, Corral B is Elite women,..Corral C is elite Men...


          You were the closest Illene.  A = Wheelchair; B = Elite, C = sucker group 1, etc.


          This was by far one of the worst manage corral efforts I have ever seen.  They didn't open the corrals until about 10 min from start time.  Everyone was jam packed on the sidewalks waiting to get it.  Once they did open it, it was a mad rush.  People were "squeezing" in between the openings on the make-shift fence.  I saw a few with corral G on their bibs happily standing in corral C.  It wasn't managed at all.  My wife was in corral D and she was pissed that about 1/2 mile in, people were walking already.