10 k a day or 3650 km for the year


The week just gone (17 - 23 Jan, 2011) - Post mortem (Read 361 times)

    Here's this weeks (17 - 23 Jan, 2011) stats.   (It's not sorting as it should, seems like a slight glitch in the system, I'm sure it'll be resolved soon)


    Not a bad week for me, 6 days on the trot, rest day today (Sunday) though that was unplanned, really wanted to get out for a 25 k'er; gardening got in the way.

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      Gardening?  Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?


      Now that the obligatory post-marathon rest week is over with, it's time to get down to business. Although this week featured a lot of very nice runs with the dogs - little Tito did a mile in 8:37 today!


      A vicious beast.

        Just more than the pace bunny this week. A combination of replacing some easy runs with bike rides (because my legs were feeling a bit beat up) and a 10mile race yesterday (instead of my usual long run) meant that mileage was a bit low. But still - I'm ahead so it's all fine...



            Good week for me - 55ish miles so still ahead of the bunny.


            Hopefully about the same this week coming up, though I bailed this morning on my interval run because it was -7 degrees out (-25 with the windschill).  I'm such a wuss!  Gonna try to get it in at lunch but that will make for a LONG lunch hour.


            MTA - got the run in (9 miles on the treadmill) at lunch - I was gone almost 2 hours though (hope nobody noticed) Big grin


              I'm pretty happy with the week, and I got my last long run of this training cycle done.  Now for taper time...but I also have a head cold and I feel awful.  Sad   grrrrr


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                Lots of green in my summary graph as I just try to survive winter with some semblance of an aerobic base.

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                  Just eyeballing the weather, I figure I have a day or two before the Pace Bunny/Dingo runs me down and I'm out....

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