10 k a day or 3650 km for the year


Draft - goal achieved (Read 395 times)

    This is just a quick post, draft, notepad style, sticky note, call it what you want.    Purpose to record group members that achieve their/our group's  goal.   In time we can better present this info.   If details are wrong, please let me know (simply post).


    3 Jun 2011 - Another One

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        It appears that one "Amores Perros" has recently achieved this one goal among many, for the year.

          So it looks like 12 group members actually beat the dingo last year:


          another one 7626.9 km 30d 10hr
          Amores Perros 6136.2 km 22d 12hr
          flatfooter 4910.3 km 16d 6hr
          ymmv 4518.8 km 21d 11hr
          rockenmamaof5 4313.3 km 17d 1hr
          timzna 4232.5 km 15d 6hr
          maryclaire 4007.4 km 16d 19hr
          EricRuns 3857.6 km 8d 3hr
          Qwen 3827.2 km 16d 7hr
          XCeagle3 3813.5 km 12d 8hr
          esofen 3800.5 km 11d 13hr
          Tesso 3742.5 km 0

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            Looks like ten in 2012


            flatfooter 3714 mi 20d 3hr
            Qwen 3501 mi 22d 17hr
            AmoresPerros 3471.6 mi 20d 6hr
            T money 3413.7 mi 16d 5hr
            esofen 2603.1 mi 12d 20hr
            maryclaire 2578.5 mi 17d 13hr
            msheck18 2562.4 mi 13d 4hr
            rockenmamaof5 2353.4 mi 14d 23hr
            RenevH 2352.9 mi 13d 14hr
            WPIsfastest 5ker 2317.3 mi 11d 12hr

            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

              Yeah - a couple of injuries got the better of my ability to run as much as I wanted last year. I'm hoping for a better 2013. I start the year with a slight achilles strain, but it's on the mend and I'm going to do easy running on it and see how it goes for a while.