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Runs & Workouts, w/e 7/28/13 (Read 7 times)

    6+ miles for me this morning in a light rain.  Very pleasant despite the rain.  Nice change of pace to be soaked by rainwater rather than my own sweat!!


    Humidity is forecast to return this week ... but no more 90+ degree temps.

    Art in AZ

      Went on a 17.5 mile bike ride this morning. Wanted some different scenery than what I usually see when I run. Was a good trip.

      Art in AZ

      Mesa, AZ

      NH Runner


        Monday, 7/22


        3 miles on the railtrail, started out easy and gradually picked up the pace.


        What's the saying?  "We're all an experiment of one?"   And so it goes with running shoes, we all have our preferences.   For me, I like the idea of strengthening my feet, so less is better.  I doubt I'll ever be a full time barefoot runner, but it's fun to dabble just the same.


        Chantilly... you have the distinction of being the first person on my "Shandal" T-shirt waiting list.   You may also be the only one, but that's not a bad thing if these shirts ever become collectibles... Big grin

          another 4+ for me tonight around the neighborhood ... definitely more humid than it's been for the past couple of days ... yuck.  10.5 for the day.

          Art in AZ

            Put in 5 miles this morning. Not overcast like the previous few days. Sun shining bright. Shining so bright I could feel the sun on my back running towards home. And it was only 8:00 in the morning. Then worked in the garden for a few.

            Art in AZ

            Mesa, AZ

              Got up this morning to go for 6 miles ... looked out the window & saw that it was like a monsoon outside ... so I went back to bed.  I'll get some miles in later on this evening.


              Although I suppose I could have gone out there with an umbrella ...



              NH Runner


                Tuesday, 7/23


                Drove to the HS track with my granddaughter this morning.   She's 11 and ran track for the local Rec. Center this spring.   Anyway, the intention was for her to do a sprint workout and I was to run laps barefoot.    I wanted 3 miles, but settled for 2.5 when I thought my feet might be getting too beat up again.  As it turned out, they were ok, just tender.  Splits were 9:17, 8:26 and 4:05...


                adkkev... I can't remember a summer with weather like we've had this year.   It's either raining, or hot and humid... Roll eyes

                  7.8 miles around town this evening ... waited for the monsoon rain to stop & then went out ... sunny, kinda humid, but not hot.

                    5 miles this morning around town before heading into work.

                    NH Runner


                      Wednesday, 7/24


                      6 miles with a decent hill in mile 3, pace was mid 9's...


                        It has been only 57F the last 2 mornings at 6:00 AM. Sorry for those with humidity.



                        5 miles yesterday

                        16 miles today after leftover pizza....the breakfast of champions...Big grin

                        "Lookin' back on the track, for a little green bag,

                        Gotta find just the kind, I'm losing my mind

                        Outta sight in the night, outta sight in the day,

                        Lookin' back on the track, gonna do it my way."

                        George Baker Selection




                          I guess I'm falling behind on my posts...


                          adkkev & Rich - Living on the west coast we don't get your humidity here, but we did get some sprinkles Monday and yesterday felt muggy.

                          Don't think it measures up to what you guys get.

                          Chantilly - Love cold pizza for breakfast - especially FJ&L's, or even better Pietro's - but, have to go home to Vacaville to get the latter.  Not east coast pizza, but I like it...

                          Art - nice bike ride.  Have you picked out any races?

                          Rich - wanted to point you to "Xeroshoes"  - there about $25 and have a guarantee of 2500 miles...


                          7.1 miles in just over an hour on Monday and Tuesday.  4.5 today with work buddy (45.5 minutes).  Been getting warmer, low 80's for the run today.  Next race "Summer Breeze 5K"  hopefully I'll get 2 of my brothers running with me (at least in the same race).



                          Art in AZ

                            Did another long bike ride along with some strength training. The bike route has more elevation change so I work the legs a little more without a lot of pounding.


                            Ray - No events yet. Still undecided.

                            Art in AZ

                            Mesa, AZ

                              6.5 miles on a beautiful Thursday morning ... sunshine, cool temps, no humidity.  Just right for a run.

                              NH Runner


                                Thurday, 7/25


                                Rode the mtn bike 8 miles on the railtrail this morning.  A nice break from all the barefoot and form change stuff I've been working, and like Art says, gives your legs a good workout without the pounding.


                                Ray, I've seen the Xero shoes and may try a pair at some point.  Thanks.


                                Chantilly, nice run.  And I wanted to tell you Hawaiian Tropic works great for keeping deerflies away, but also for turning white shirts brown...Roll eyes  Regular detergent doesn't remove the stain it creates, but stain remover with bleach does.   I hope you're not thinking of becoming an advice columnist...  Wink


                                Oh yeah, this morning's temp was 50 with dry air.