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Can you believe it's July already? Week ending 7/7 (Read 10 times)

    5.25 miles after work on a part of the Erie Canalway rail trail along the Mohawk River ... temp was 92 and the dew point was 72 so it was pretty muggy.  A slight breeze & some shade along the way kept things tolerable throughout the run.  After I got home, mowed the lawn & ate some dinner & then headed out for another 4.1 miles around town.  We'd had a heavy shower with thunder & lightning while I was eating dinner so it was a little cooler when I went out for this run, down to 73.  Dew point was 71.  So ... still pretty soupy!!  If it's going to be one of those hot & humid summers then I'd better get myself acclimated to running in it.

    NH Runner


      Saturday, 7/6


      I ran a conservative 5K this morning, the heat and humidity were up, so I backed off.  It's always nice to run faster and I've run this course quicker by over 2 minutes than the 27:14 I ran today, but I'll take it, 60/163 overall and 4/8 age group.  It's a certified course with 2 long hills, so close enough.  Gimme 4 miles total for the day.


      Hey Art, how'd you like a nice Hawaiian Punch?  Wink

      Art in AZ

        Ran 3 miles this morning around my normal route at my normal time. Felt fine but could feel the warm weather and humidity more towards the end. Still soaked at the end.


        adkkev - Living near Chicago growing up I remember days like that.


        Rich - I would have loved a nice cold Hawaiian Punch after this morning's run. Settled for some Gatorade, water and a banana. All of a sudden I have a taste for some pink lemonade.

        Art in AZ

        Mesa, AZ

          Rich - Picture of the "shandles" please.  I'm really bad at visualization...Sounds like a good race for the conditions.

          Art - I tend to run near the peak "hot" hours in general.  Only run in the mornings or evenings if I miss during the day and on weekends.  We don't get Az temps in the bay area.  I complain about the heat, but don't go out of my way to avoid it...

          adkkev - Humidity sucks.  You just get wet...

          Chantilly - Hope the rest day went well.


          Wednesday ran with work people very slowly and shorter then normal, 4.1 miles in 45 minutes.  The 4th turned into a rest day.

          Friday did 2 sessions, 9 miles at work in 1:07:+ and then 3 quicker miles on the TM in 24:02.  Today was an up tempo 5.1 in 42+.



          NH Runner


            Sunday, 7/7


            10 miles this morning.   I stopped at the HS track, shed my shandals and ran 2 barefoot miles, re-shandaled my feet and continued on.   Mile 7 included a decent hill, pace was high 8's, low 9's.


            Ray, I'm going to experiment to see if I can post a picture here, but I think the only way to do it is where we put our Avatar.  If that's the case, at some I'll change that picture with a picture of the shandals...

            Art in AZ

              6 miles this morning. While running along the canal had a young girls pass me with her Mom riding a bike pass me. I see them once in a while depending on my route. Thought I would try and run with her for a little while but quickly nixed that idea. I could cruise but didn't feel any extra energy. Started out with some cold grapes to chew and suck on but they quickly turned warm.

              Art in AZ

              Mesa, AZ


                NH Runner congratulations on your race in that kind of weather.

                Art in AZ the girls are running while their Mom bikes? They must be going at a good clip?

                adkkev that's a lot of exercise in those temps.


                Worked all weekend. Very stressful there.

                Glad to get out for 7 miles this morning and clear my head. (getting too old for this kind of work.......walmart greeter looks appealing...Wink

                "and you will run your time,

                a shooting star across the sky

                and you will surely cross the line."

                Manfred Mann