50 and over 5k and beyond


Runs & workouts week ending 4/21/2013 (Read 8 times)

NH Runner





    I don't know where I placed overall in yesterday's race, they only recorded the times of first 3 runners to finish... lol


    I got out for 6 on the railtrail earlier today, splits were high 9's.  Gave me 37 miles for the week.


    Nice run Ray.  I hate stubbing my toe, I've done it a number of times and go down hard most of the time.  Always on the dirt trail too, I think it's caused by small stones sticking up in the dirt just enough to trip us up...

      Rich - 37 used to be close to my previous max week!  Good job!


      4.5 miles on treadmill late last night (40:07).  Took a mile but felt fine.  50.1 miles for week - first time over 50.  Still a bit dehydrated from Saturday.  Need to work on that for the longer runs, especially with warmer weather coming.



        6.5 miles for me yesterday afternoon ... bright sunshine, a bit of a breezy, temp around 50.  Surprisingly I did not see many walkers on such a nice afternoon.  I hardly ever see any other runners when I'm out running in town ... maybe they all run in the morning.