800 Mile Club


ljmamoreira crossed the finish line! (Read 68 times)

    Parabéns, José Amoreira, mais uma vez!


    You're up 308 K since the last time we talked - and it wasn't that long ago  Wink



      Muito obrigado, José! Thanks a lot, José!

      This was my second bunny this year. I still "have" to beat two more, the 1000 mile and the 2000km bunnies. So far, I'm doing fine, way ahead of either. Let's see how it goes.

      Thanks again, and good running!

        Always nice to hear from you.

        Didn´t know you still had those two goals - it seems in an Olympic year you're really aiming for a golden streak !


        Boa sorte e não deixes fugir essas lebres!

        Bye, for now.