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Forest Drive (Read 44 times)

    Please take a look at this- 





    I signed.. Maybe there is still hope...... 

    - Anya

      The Reserve at QW was nixed by the city council!  yay


      However, they are going to appeal.  But, it's a victory for now :-) 

      - Anya


        Unfortunately, the developers will never go away. Great news for now, though.

          There is just not enough green space around here.   Period.  


          I was happy when I saw all the deer this morning in the park, knowing at least they'll have a little  more time to have more space.  


           But, you're right, if it's not this developement, it will be something else.  I'd rather it be huge mansions, that have 10 acre lots.  That would be ideal, at least they'd leave some of the land/trees there. 


          I still have not heard the latest on Crystal Springs. 

          - Anya