Annapolis, Maryland


Basmati (Read 147 times)


    New Indian restaurant in Annapolis. Ate there last night. FANTASTIC!!


    It's located in the small strip mall next to Chevy's on Route 2. It's where Mona Lisa and Blue Martini used to be.



      I hope it stays for a while. That's been a tough location. 


      I have not been to India's since it re-opened.  I heard the prices were a bit higher.  


      I'll keep this new one in mind.

      - Anya


        At India's, the prices are high, and the food is just okay. Basmati's prices are about the same, but the food is wonderful.

          Finally went there!  And I must say that it was excellent.  Very good, reasonable prices, and freindly servers.

          And, good portions. 


          We will go back :-)   

          - Anya