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    I've been researching running clubs in the area, and it looks like the ATC is the biggest club. They put on the big 10k in July and others. I noticed the benefits of joining seem to be early and free entries (not really, if you're paying 50.00). Is this club so large because of the benefits? Is it the sort of thing where runners in other area clubs will sign up just to get the bennies, and not really participate in the ATC as a member?


    I'm interested in a club that has a membership size where you can get to know everyone, and that is a nice mix of different kinds of people/runners.




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      The ATC is the largest club in the state. It puts on a race series. Free to members. If you enjoy racing it is a good club to join. Most people tend to join a smaller club along with the ATC.  The ATC tends not to be socially orientated. I volunteer at a few races a year. ATC races are no T-shirt races with a clock and courses measured accurately.

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