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WednesDAILIES Presents: Headlines - 1st Edition (Read 64 times)

Bad Ass

    That was the day I bought my first car.  I would never forget it.


    Morning B&B! I was tired this mornign and really did not feel like getting up, but knocked out 5.7 miles anyway. i was shooting for 7, but at least got bulk of the miles in. Miles were flowing too so glad I got my run in afterall.


    That Diana headline pretty special to me as that was day I proposed to my wife.


    Good running all.



    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

    It's always fucking hot in Miami!


      Good Morning All You Lovely People!!


      LRB – Thanks for the laughs this morning!   Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


      Basya – When I read your first post about 8 tempo miles, I thought that sounded very tough, but based on your second post, you handled it like a pro!  Way to go, Basya!   I’m sending you positive vibes for a restful night of sleep tonight!


      Beth – Nice run in the frigid temps yesterday!   Enjoy your swim and your run today.    Following up from yesterday…..   so you’ll start the Ireland countdown when you get back from Florida?   ;-)


      Kay – Hope those race pace miles go beautifully today!   And, thanks for the MUCH needed coffee!


      Tom – Have a great day!


      Flarunner – Wow!  10 already this morning?   That’s awesome!


      Lily – Did you enjoy the concert the other night?   Hope your run later is magical!


      ImNotScott – I’m indecisive as well – drives my DH CRAZY!   Have a fabulous day no matter what you do!


      Scott – Good luck with your tempo run today!


      Kristin10185 – Mmmmmm…..  coffee……    Way to go with that early morning spin class!   It sounds like you’re really enjoying your new-found exercise.   Hope the ortho appointment tomorrow goes well!!


      Bruce – Damn good job getting 13 in on the TM so early this morning!   Have a great day!


      Heidi – Have a Pinktacular run tonight!   That sounds like a challenging workout to me, but I’m sure that you’ll totally ROCK it!!


      Fuzzy – I hope that your recovery run goes smoothly!  Have a wonderful day!


      Shari – Be safe while you’re running outside in the snow!   May your 7 miles be magnificent today!


      Lilac – Enjoy the group run tonight, and have a great day!


      Phil – I was hoping that you’d stop in today!   I was concerned that today would be more painful than yesterday was, and it sounds like that is the case.   I hope that your meds ease the pain and that you can get some rest today.


      Robert – Another great run this morning!   Good for you!!


      April – I think it’s awesome that you and Lilac are in the same group – it sounds so fun!   Have a great Group Run sandwich tonight!


      Scotty – I love that your DW wants to experiment with all the different types of workouts!  That was such a fabulous birthday present!!   Good luck with your injections tomorrow!


      Damaris – Holy crap!   Sounds like that bus got your adrenaline working overtime this morning!  Glad that you were able to escape!   Have a delightful run tonight!


      Jedi – Way to knock out the miles even though you didn’t feel like getting up this morning!   Have a great day!


      AmiK – Enjoy your rest day and your P90X!


      Before work I ran 4 and change.   While I do run before work a couple of times a week, today was the first day I've done that when I've actually come into the office so it was a little experiment to see how much later than usual I would be if I ran first.   I didn't make it to the office by my usual 5:30, but I was here before 6:30 so that was good.


      Have a glorious Wednesday!   And, may your next run be Pinklightfully good!!


      - Sarah

      But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.



        Supp Clique!


        6 easy done.


        I logged 30 miles for the fourth time last week and will now increase the number of days I run to five, and my weekly mileage to 36-39 and hold that for a month.


        Still a bit on the conservative side but I am fine with that.

          Morning dailies:


          Rick - what up, doe with a big rack


          Beth, Lily and Kay - have good runs


          Tom - good luck on the hills


          FLA - 15 degrees warmer here too, that makes the "feels like" about... 15 Smile


          NotScott - decisions, decisions..


          Sparker - good tempo run to you


          Kristin - yes, the Pavlovian sound of a Keurig hiss, haha.


          Bruce and Basya - good TM runs


          Heidi - I'm sure you'll kill that workout


          Step - have a good 7


          lilac - how do the group runs work out as far as pacing goes?


          Baboon - slacker! Wink


          April - running to running, nice


          Scotty - great job on the hills


          Jedi - way to knock out a run you didn't wanna do


          AmiK - Tim Horton > Tony Horton


          D - odd how we associate totally unrelated things sometimes and have them stick in memory because of it


          Sarah - wow, that's early


          Outside my window, there's an unfamiliar bright yellow ball in the sky and bare pavement showing through the white stuff!  Headed out for my LR, then spending some quality time organizing my home office with lots of dank Pu'erh tea as fuel.

          Mostly harmless

            I decided to run the 12 this afternoon and do the HM time trial Saturday.  I hope this will help me get an idea for what I should do in the marathon that is only FIVE WEEKS from Saturday. Not that I'm ready to panic or anything.

            "It doesn’t matter how often you do it or how much you accomplish, in general, not running is a lot easier than running." - Meb Keflezighi

              Morning!  Ran my first 12 miler yesterday when I ended up with some extra hours of daylight unexpectedly!  It went fine, although it was the day after another tough workout since I hadn't planned my week that way.  That helped me to keep my pace closer to what I "supposed" to run rather than too fast.  Ended up averaging 9:53.


              Phil- One day closer to your next run!


              Robert- Congrats on getting the miles up!


              Sarah- Glad you got your run in before work!  I'm trying to figure out how to do that too.


              LRB- Conservative is better if it helps you in the long term!  Plus you're already back to the level it's taken me a year to build up to. Smile


              Shirfan- Enjoy the sunlight!


              Jess runs for bacon

                Shirfan, everyone kind of splits into groups. There's always someone in the front who knows where they are going and they keep a staff member in the back of the group so no one gets lost.



                YAYpril - B-Plus

                  I'll probably go to Internet Jail for posting these, but the race pics were posted and I like ALL OF THEM. Here are my 3 favorites... I think someone forgot to tell me it was a race, I look like I'm having too much fun.


                  Back down the hill that was terrible going up:


                  Waving to the cameraman in the last half mile:

                  Looking up at the clock!


                  Jess runs for bacon

                    Love them April! Were they US Candids? Their photos are usually pretty cheap. I got a bunch from D&L and the Zombie run.



                    Just B.S.

                      LRB, I was a big fan of Princess Di and saw her in person once. She was the same age as me and I

                      remember watching her wedding on TV.  I will never forget the day of her death either. Hubby and I took

                      our kids to our cottage for the weekend for our 13th Anniversary ( Sept 1st). We woke up that  morning to

                      the headlines. I remember being glued to the TV all day and crying a lot.


                      Swim done, got in 1,000 yards and it felt great! Now a little rest and 7 miles @ 4pm.


                      Today is my 1 year anniversary of my hysterectomy!! (sorry boys) You ladies, especially in my AG  will know

                      how happy I was to have that done and over with. I actually put it off for a year because I had so many goal

                      and destination/vacation races planned in 2011 that I didn't want to miss. This time last year I was so worried

                      that 2012 would suck for my running but it turned out completely opposite. 13 weeks after the surgery I ran

                      my 2nd best half time (2:01 at that time) at my 21st half marathon and it just got better from there. At age 50

                      PB's or course  PR's at every distance and new ones just  about every time I raced, 15 races in total for 2012.


                      I finished the year with a PR marathon (4:20), 3 weeks later a PR half (1:57) and a week later  PR 5k (25:29)


                      It will be hard to do the same in 2013 but I'm going to give it my best effort!!  I can't believe a  year has gone

                      by so quickly!



                      Basya – I bet you will have a great sleep tonight!

                      Pink - I will probably do a month by month countdown to start with !LOL You are the Shout Out Queen!

                       Kay – Enjoy your run!

                      Tom – Enjoy your RD!

                      Flarunner – you are an early morning running machine!

                      Lily – How was The Hip?

                      Sparker - Enjoy your tempo

                      ImNotScott – I already said Hi to you!

                      Kristin10185 – Good luck at the ortho! I have been a cyclist longer than a runner (almost 14 years now) and I

                      swear by it for  xtraining and an injury prevention planl!!

                      Bruce –Thanks! This is my 34th day without a rest. I'm feeling fantasic but seeing as I'm in week 4 of marathon

                      training I probably should take a day off soon. Good job getting 13 in on the TM, YOU are a better man than I!LOL

                      Heidi – What can I say, you are my female running hero, you just rock and are smart, sweet and beautiful to boot!

                      Too bad it's too late for me to be you when I grow up.Smile

                      Fuzzy – Have a great day.

                      Shari –Have a strong and safe 7 miles.

                      Lilac – Enjoy the group run!!

                      Baboon – Hope the pain gets better today.

                      Robert – Another great run this morning!   Good for you!!

                      April – Love your race photos. You look great and picked the perfect outfit, you just pop again the snow!

                      Scotty –Hope you have the superbest day! and good luck tomorrow! haha I wish I could swim 7 miles!

                      Damaris – Enjoy your miles tonight!

                      Jedi – Great job on the miles!

                      AmiK – Enjoy P90X!

                      Robert - great job making those miles eat dirt!

                      Kay - good luck with your planned pace!

                      Lilac, are we counting down the Florida yet?

                      Shirfan, wear your shades to protect again that unfamiliar object and enjoy your run!

                      Jedi, so sweet that you remember the day you proposed!

                      Zelanie, great job on the first 12 miler!Woot!


                      Whew! That felt good! I always want to do personals for every person but don't often have the time to sit down

                      and get them done all at once. Pink, Scott, Baysa, RunMomma and others are my inspiration!


                      Have a good day to all that follow!


                      Skirt Runner

                        scotty what a nice gift for Gail, glad she loves it

                        baboon glad you're doing ok after the surgery

                        april love the pics! you do look so happy!

                        damaris that is so scary! glad you're ok!

                        lots of good runs going on and plans for running later...awesome!!

                        PRs:   5K- 28:16 (5/5/13)      10K- 1:00:13 (10/27/13)    4M- 41:43 (9/7/13)   15K- 1:34:25  (8/17/13)    10M- 1:56:30 (4/6/14)     HM- 2:20:16 (4/13/14)     Full- 5:55:33 (11/1/15)


                        I started a blog about running :) Check it out if you care to


                          Beth: Awwww, man, you are just too sweet!  I don't buy half that, but I do want to be gracious, so I'll just say "thank you!"


                          April: ZOMG!  Those are the best freaking race pics I've ever seen!  You need to get them all, you pretty girl you!  I wish I looked half as good when I am racing!


                          Sarah: Awesome job knocking out the 4+ before work!  It's nice to have that done and out of the way and is a great way to kick off the day!


                          Jay: Enjoy that daytime run!!!


                          Scott: That sounds like a good plan.  I hope you get some guidance to as to what your MP should be.  That is such a difficult decision to make!


                          Zelanie: Congratulations on running your first dozen mile run!!!  That is awesome!


                          LRB: Nice job getting in your 6 and knocking out your second 30 mpw week!  WOOT!


                          Off to get new racing shoes!  I'm excited!!!!


                            Hi Dailies.  I tried to run yesterday and after about a mile, I had to stop.  My PF is flaring up pretty bad right now, 10 days out from my HM Sad  I'm going to ride the bike for a couple days and try a medium to long-ish run on Friday when I'm off.  If I can't run much before the race, I'll just abandon my goal of sub 2:00 and just run it easy.  I'm really not that concerned, I just want to get the achievement under my belt.  I just hate PF.









                              Those are funny.

                              Tonight, if at all will most likely be an easy 5 or 6, my legs are still feeling it from Sunday and Monday, my left glute down a little into my hamstring is feeling tight and I can't seem to find a stretch that will satisfy it Sad ..... anybody wanna help stretch me out Cool

                              I seem to have plateaued with my weight loss, around October last year I was at 140 and feeling good, and then the holidays hit, November to now I am stuck at 143 and it won't go down. This is frustrating, the days I don't run I would really like to walk with my little boy but it is too cold and I can't go to the gym. I really wish I had a home gym Cry

                              *Do It For Yourself, Do It Because They Said It Was Impossible, Do It Because They Said You Were Incapable*


                              5k - 24:15 (7:49 min/mile pace) 

                              10k - 51:47 (8:16 min/mile pace)

                              15k -1:18:09 (8:24 min/mile pace)

                              13.1 - 1:53:12 (8:39 min/mile pace)

                              26.2 - (Debut) - 4:48:10 




                                Hi Dailies.  I tried to run yesterday and after about a mile, I had to stop.  My PF is flaring up pretty bad right now, 10 days out from my HM Sad  I'm going to ride the bike for a couple days and try a medium to long-ish run on Friday when I'm off.  If I can't run much before the race, I'll just abandon my goal of sub 2:00 and just run it easy.  I'm really not that concerned, I just want to get the achievement under my belt.  I just hate PF.




                                Jay, I see what you did there!


                                Beth, I will never forget that day, or the day they got married.  She was pretty special to our generation.


                                Freesoul, weight loss can be fickle.  I go weeks and sometimes even months without weighing myself because like a slot machine, the numbers never come up the way you want them to.  Just eat clean workout regularly and let your clothes be your guide.


                                Boon, you could always watch the Avengers ten times.  I can never get enough of that flick!


                                Scotty, that was funny!