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Still Covered in Spam (Read 440 times)



    Ha! I just realized what's missing in my other groups......they aren't talking about spam. It's like entering another dimension. One day, maybe this place will be like that.

    Patience my Queen, patience.


    It was the people who made the BF what it was, the BF did not make us.  Those people took pride in being apart of something cool, and despite our sincere and repeated efforts to warn the powers that be that a war was imminent, we were ignored.


    Most of us has broken up with someone we thought we would be with forever, and there are phases to that.  From, I cannot believe we broke up.  To, I hate that fuck with all my worth.  To, who?  And finally to damn, you got fat.


    Let the phases play out.  It may be frustrating if you are ahead of someone because at any one given time, each of us will be in a different phase.  But eventually, all of us will someday say damn,



    Space Cadet

      Not a problem. I still go back and check, frequently.


        I am no software junky in the slightest form, so I don't know shit from shat when it comes to spam and how to fight it.  But the architect of this site wrote a semi-fascinating piece on his pseudo war against spam.


        If you have not read it, take a few minutes and check it out (here) and you will conclude as I have that the BF as we once knew it, is likely gone forever.

        Isn't that interesting.  And, it's really something that it's worth the while of the spammers to put the energy into playing that game and constantly adjusting their tactics.  They make money off the few people who click through!


        edited to add - of course they're putting that spam out in as many places as they can, so it's not that anyone necessarily even clicks through from any one site. What an odd world we live in.



          FWIW, I went over to the BF on RWOL and there's 0 spam on the first page. There's also no second page, or third, or fourth. Seriously, I can't get to any other page.

          - Andrew