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The Holiday Running Streak (Read 42 times)


    The only thing I go back to RW for is is the The 2012 Holiday Running Streak. So I thought I'd check if anyone here was doing it and maybe start a daily here till 1/1/13.


    The Holiday Running Streak is running at least one mile every day, Thanksgiving through New Year's Day.


    Anyone else doing it, want to join. 12/1-1/1 works.  Think it should be in s separate group?


    Anyway I got my 1 in for the day.

      There's a holiday streak in the main area, they're doing Thanksgiving to New Years.  You can also add a streak widget to your log on here.  I'm on day 10 Smile


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        I'm on day 10 as well. Smile

          Cool, I look for that streak.