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Tuesday Penguins Are Blowing Down The Road! (Read 41 times)

    Morning!  Mid-20s with freezing fog and air stagnation again today.  Planning for 6 today, but have a dermatologist appt, so hopefully he doesn't say anything outrageous like "no running."  I'll likely run inside if there's any chance of slipperiness.  Plus visibility for cars is about 0.00001 feet at the moment.


    Awood- That's a hell of a workout.  Good luck!

    Bin Running

      Seem like cold weather for all penguins. And here I'm complaining abt some rain. Tongue


      SRD for me today. Parcels from US arrived today. Happily playing with new camera and DW bought me a hoodie and some undergarment which look too big for me. Haaa

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        Morning, Penguins!  I enjoyed my day off yesterday, the extra time for chillin' was nice.  On Sunday a quartet I sing with did a song called MLK for the second and third services at church, to honor Dr. King.  It's a gorgeous song, and now I have taken part in a minor miracle, in that a song written by U2 was sung at a traditional Presbyterian church service.  Twice!  DH and Dusty and I ran yesterday, which is also an amazing thing.  Quartet practice tonight!

        Gustav -- I also have trouble with the nice warm bed when the weather outside is yucky.  Or even when it's not!

        Awood -- good luck with your indoor intervals!!

        N-Bug -- stay warm, and good luck on the dreadmill!!

        hog -- enjoy your easy miles, and take all the antibiotics, mister!!

        Jen -- good luck on your TM run!!

        Jerryb -- good luck with your gym plan!!

        Phillie -- enjoy your indoor run too!!  Wow, is anybody except Damaris running outside today?

        D2 -- there, I knew somebody would make it outside!!  Woo-hoo!!

        Docket -- enjoy your 13!!

        Jen -- show your DH you can do it!!

        kristin -- glad you had some time with BF!!

        Zelanie -- stay safe, and good luck at your appt!!

        Bin -- sorry your underwear is too big!!  Big grin  Enjoy your SRD!!

        When it's all said and done, no one remembers how far we have run.  The only thing that matters is how we have loved.

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          Awood: That sounds like a tough run on the treadmill.

          Hog: Good luck with the drugs. I hope you are well.


          Bin: Smile


          As for me, a nice easy six or seven later tonight. I feel bad for you guys back east, it is going to be 79 here. Even for me, that is too hot, especially for January. It sure beats -6, however.


            Brrrrr@ all you all's cold weather!  You really are penguins!


            Mitch- Oh my!  I had to look that word up, but yikes.  Glad it's treatable, but it sure doesn't sound pleasant. You at least now know what is going on.

            Jen16226-  I'm sorry your DH doesn't believe in you.   It's sometimes hard for our loved ones to past their old image of us even after we've made changes.  This is your chance to  prove him wrong, and become the person you've been striving for in his head also.

            Kristin- hope you had a great visit with BF!

            Bin- cool at the new duds!  I've been playing with my camera today also.  I'm taking a painting class with my DD.  We're supposed to find objects for a still life, and I'm wanting to do something (with my running shoes & other objects) that conveys my love of running.

            Hopesmom- glad you had company on your run!  How nice!  Have fun at quartet practice tonight.


            Well it warmed up here over the weekend, and has been so beautiful since.  I didn't race on Saturday, so I just did a time trial on my own.  Then had friends come for an overnight visit.  Yesterday, I did a long run of 20 miles and it was terrible!  My foot started cramping at the turn about, and I did a limp run/walk the last 10 miles back.  Was far from pleasant.  Came home got a banana, salty snacks, and took a magnesium tablet, and the cramp went away within 20 minutes.  Have only one more long, long run before my race, and I sure hope it goes better next time.  Today I did a 4-1/2 mile recovery run.


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              Kristin - hope your knee heals quickly


              Gustav - congratulations on the 1.5.  I know how every day you can run again feels like a victory after you've been sidelined for a while.


              Hog4life - how did you get exposed to bat or bird droppings?  Glad they figured out what it was.


              Awood - congratulations on your weight loss.  I can't seem to lose anything these days.  When I wasn't running, I lost weight, but now that I am running again, I end up eating more and the weight sticks.  Even so, I'd rather be running.


              Looks like a lot of us are heading for the TM today.  I walked the dog in 2 deg. windchill, and even bundled up I was cold.  Looks like it's not warming up above freezing until next Monday.  Winter is finally really here.


              Barking Mad To Run

                Sorry to tell all you cold-weather penguins, but it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood in San Antonio.  Sunny, blue skies, and 64 degrees right now.  We are heading for a high of 71 today.  Makes me want to get out there and run but after running 3 days in a row, I will behave myself and take a rest day today. Maybe go for an easy walk after I get home from work.   Gonna enjoy this weather while it lasts.  This weekend we have a cold front coming and the low on Saturday will be 37 degrees. Figures, as I have a 5K that morning.


                Congrats on getting out there, Gustav, especially in that weather!


                Way to go on the weight loss, Awood!


                Good luck with your miles later, Vance.  Is the school closing a good thing for you?  Or does it not affect you at all?


                Mitch, be careful you don't go to fast and start accidentally taking off flying, with that bird fungus in you.. Wink  Seriously, hope you are 100 percent in no time.  And if you miss taking a pill...wing it!  Joking  I'm sorry...I just can never be serious...


                Happy TM running, Jen2011!  And you too, Margo!  Lots of Penguins on the mill today!


                Tennessee Hills?  You doing a race in Tennessee, Jerry?  I have cousins that live all over that state. Haven't seen them in years though. Good luck with your gym workout today!


                Nice run for you, Dave!  Yeah, ITB issues suck.  I am so glad here in San Antonio we have lots of "safe" running places, and several closed roads where we can run on either side of the road and sometimes right down the middle of it, so that really helps with the 'camber' issue.  And then we also have lots and lots of trails available too, which is nice.


                Good luck with the 13 miles, Damaris!  Guess you are feeling better!


                Jen16226:  it would me nice to have your DH's support, but the main thing here is that YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, that's all that really matters when it comes down to it.   If you yourself don't believe you can do it, no one else will either.  Also, maybe give him the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe he didn't word it exactly right, but maybe what he's saying in his own way is that he is concerned about you and so thinks the 5K would be better for you.  It's that "men are from Mars, women are from Venus" thing, sometimes we guys say something to our lovely ladies and they hear something entirely different than what we meant.  And vice versa too.  I've learned with Gail now - finally, after a lot of years of miscommunication and misunderstandings..and getting a whack or two from her, lol - to take the time to make sure she understands exactly what I mean when I say something to her, share some advice with her, etc.   So maybe sit down and chat with him.  Maybe he didn't mean you COULDN'T do the 10K, maybe he meant you SHOULDN'T do the 10K for whatever reasons are in his head.  Find out those reasons and see if that changes your attitude about it.   Of course, if he flat-out says, "no, no, no specific reason, just don't think you can do it..."  THEN give hima smack! Wink  Good luck!


       boyfriend was visiting and I didn't do any working out.  Uh, huh, Kristin, sure....I bet there was some type of working out going on... Wink    Sorry your knee is still bothering you.  When do you go see the specialist?


                No snow in your area, Bin?  Where are you, again?  Have fun with all your new bling!


                Umm, Zelanie, why would a dermatologist tell you no running?  Unless you had skin cancer.  I couldn't run for a while after I was initially diagnosed, something to do with the medications, etc.  Plus he knows me, lol - he's a runner too - and knew I would go outside to run and he didn't want me out in the Texas sun for a while.   Dang, even if he did let you run, I wouldn't go outside in your weather either! BRRR!   I said that to one of my San Antonio running buds once about not running in cold weather and Gail told me that I was a liar, lol, when we lived in Ohio, I went out and ran once for 4 miles when the temp in Dayton was 10 degrees and the wind chill made it feel like 3.  Yeah, but I haven't been in 'winter' now for 17 years, so those cold-weather running days are probably long gone for me now.


                Nice post, HsM, about your singing, must've been very special for you!  Congrats on getting a run in too.  BTW, here in San Antonio the annnual Martin Luther King Day Walk was held and yesterday there was a record number of participants - 100,000!  San Antonio has the largest MLK Walk in the country.


                Funny, Jack, 79 is just about perfect for me, lol, not too hot for me, not too cold, just about right for me. Can you tell I prefer warm weather running to cold?  Good luck with your miles later!  You're in CA, right?


                Sorry the long run did not go as planned, SheCan, did the whole 20 miles right?  Wow, way to persevere and get it done!   Wishing you no more foot cramping and a very successful race!


                I walked the dog in 2 deg. windchill.  Gee, Ginny, how did the dog feel about that? Wink


                Dang, y'all, I was getting cold just reading all your weather temps!

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                  Scotty, I was not feeling sick or anything this weekend.



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                  It's always fucking hot in Miami!


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                    scottydawg!!!!! naughty! hahahaha......


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                      I just did 3.4 miles.  It was suppose to be easy but it was accidentally the slower end of a tempo so I labeled it a tempo. I was cold and wanting it to be over I guess??? it didnt feel that fast.


                      The high here today is 36 with a feels like of 32 so I guess thats not as bad as some of you guys with neg numbers. I guess I shouldnt complain but I will anyway, it was COLD and the wind was gusty!Dead It would have been okay had the wind not gusted. I cant run tonight (when the wind dies down) so I had to get it out of the way. Brrrrrrrrr.


                      take care pengs


                      jack, 79? you suckSmile








               boyfriend was visiting and I didn't do any working out.  Uh, huh, Kristin, sure....I bet there was some type of working out going on... Wink    Sorry your knee is still bothering you.  When do you go see the specialist?






                          Ginny, the doctor said the droppings "grow" on the ground. Then the wind could pick up the spores, and accompanied with dust, move the fungus around. He suspects I just breathed it in while out running. But! There are a gazillion pigeons at my work. And we have a bunch of mobile equipment that is always stirring up the dust. So my thought is that I most likely contracted the stuff at work, but I can't prove that. He also said this is more common in the SE part of the US. I live in N Alabama.



                            Scotty - I have a golden retriever who loves the cold.  He'll roll in snow and ice whenever he can, and doesn't understand why we don't want to linger on our nighttime walks.  Heat he only tolerates if he can get wet.


                            Ended up doing 5.5 on the TM.  I always end up doing progressive runs on the TM, so though I called it easy, by the end it was closer to tempo.


                            Jen - I agree, ignore your husband's naysaying.  Better, use it to inspire you to prove him wrong.

                            From the Internet.

                              Hi colony! Good lord it is COLD out there today! Kinda glad I got injured in the winter - temp of 22F when I headed out at 4 PM, feels like temp of 10F, did 0.71 miles on the track (not all at once - walk break in the middle). I totally wanted to keep going even though I know I need to take it slow, but fortunately the combination of cold and the common-sense voice that usually gets suppressed in my brain forced me to stop when I planned Smile Leg still feels good, we'll see how it is tomorrow. I have a feeling this whole return-to-running thing is going to be a long and nerve-wracking process for me.


                              And can I just say I LOVE playing with my Garmin! Running with nothing in my hands while still being able to collect data is fantastic. My mom got me the foot pod too, so I can track my cadence.. I made a ~180 BPM playlist for running purposes a few weeks ago and I hit it spot on for both laps.


                                Shameless self promotion:


                                I just ran 4.1 miles at 11:38 pace!! Longest run ever!


                                Will be back to read the thread when I've de-stinked myself.


                                Big grin