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Thursday Penguins need to work their core! (Read 207 times)

    Core is still a tad sore from Monday!  I guess that means I should probably work it more often.


    Rach- My thoughts are with you and your family.


    Scotty- Love the pictures!  They are beautiful.


    Jen- Yes, the race is just one day- you are coming in on the back of all the training you have done!  You'll do great!


    AFM, felt a little blah last night but still got my TM run in.  Tonight I think I'll do a solo run instead of with the group, since I'm still not feeling 100%.  Maybe it's the flu shot I got on Tues.?


    Everyone else, hope your day is great!

    Jack K.

    uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sǝʇᴉɹʍ ʇI

      Hi Pens.


      Rach: Sorry to hear about your pop.


      JBJ: How is the IT band? Mine is better, though I can still feel it (sometimes) during a run. I think rest is the best thing and I still stretch everyday.


      I did a nice five mile tempo run last night and today I am doing an easy three with youngest DD. We have the XC team awards banquet tonight and then DW and both DDs are off to Albuquerque, NM early tomorrow. I get to play rock star tomorrow night and then I will have a quiet (lonely) weekend while the girls are away.


      Bye Pens.

      Singer who doesn't run.

        Morning, Penguins!!  Chorus practice tonight.  Next week is the last week that I'll have back-to-back choir practice and chorus rehearsals, thank goodness!  I get tired after two late nights in a row!  Although I have printed out several Christmas goodie recipes to try ... oops ...

        Gustav -- sounds like you will definitely be bullet-proof!!

        Tweaky -- good luck with your 5 tonight!!

        Kristi -- glad you got some lazy time!!

        Jen -- good luck with your half!!

        Awood -- protect the streak!!

        Phillie -- have fun with your 4!!

        jblack -- good morning!!

        Doc -- woo-hoo for your party and your miles!!

        Docket -- glad your run was awesome!!

        ERLH -- good luck getting your run in!!

        Jerryb -- have fun doing your whatever run!!

        kristin -- have fun at zumba!

        D2 -- don't fall asleep on your run!  Fate might throw a new rock in your path ...

        Rach -- so sorry to hear about your day!  Prayers for him and you and your family.

        Scotty -- gorgous!!

        traci -- I hate how you get multiple bills for a single doc visit.  Bills for the doc, bills for the x-ray, bills for the guy reading the xray ... just bill me once!

        Kara -- sorry your kiddo isn't feeling well!!

        Zelanie -- getting a flu shot can lower your defenses for illness, so that could be the source of your blahs.  Good for you for getting your run done!!

        Jack -- have fun with the DD run and the banquet!!

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          Morning pens! Coming back to read posts and do personals in a few. Busy week.. Joint lab meeting yesterday with a group of colleagues up in Boston, followed by good beer and pizza. YUM. Smile Weights yesterday morning, 40 minute run in the cold this AM. My new thermal hoodie is amazing - was 30 F, felt like 24, and I was plenty warm with just a tech tee underneath the hoodie.

            good morning friemds,


            I got up early to do 8.25 Miles this AM. It was pretty good. Super foggy and cool so weather cooperated. Pandora had good tunes on and I actually seemed fast at times. I need to learn to not run these so hard though.

            M1- 12:02

            M2- 11:24

            M3- 11:11

            M4- 11:32

            M5- 11:13


            M7-  10:34

            M8 - 10:44


            Its not fast, but for me it aint bad.


            The morning hasnt been great though. DW took the day off to go Christmas shopping but that meant it was my job to get the 5 yr old up and ready for school. I it usually her job to do that while i make lunches, take care of the dog, trash, and stuff like that. Needless to say I was late to work and then kids and parents make stupid choices so it puts me in a bad mood. Tonight there is my son's team party for his football team, this wont be fun but its for the kids. Tomorrow is high school football which is exciting. We are playing the number 2 team in our division so I am hoping for a good game.


            Make today great,


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            “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”



              Yay! I just got back from a great run. I started out planning to do an easy 3, but since all of my runs have sort of sucked lately, and plodding along at what feels like just faster than a walk has taken more effort than usual, I kept it at what I felt was the same effort as my last sucky run.  I had to stop several times at intersections and still managed to beat my 3mi and 5K PRs. Woo hoo! I'm very happy to see that even with the waiting I managed to pass my short-term goal of finishing a 5K in less than 31 minutes.


              Endomondo says I finished 3mi in 29:49 and 5K in 30:51. Sweet!


              I'll try to do personals later. Have a great day!


              Edited to add: Ok, so I looked at my training log and realized that I have been moving faster than "just faster than a walk", but the effort was definitely the same today than the slower runs of late. Anywho, sorry if it came off as an exaggeration. Smile

              His Slowness

                Rach - I will be praying that your father will be free from pain and for comfort for you and your family.




                  Happy Thursday everyone!


                  Great job on the core work, Gustav, Jerry, and Zelanie.


                  Jen2011--- Good luck on your half this weekend.   Hope you can relax until then.


                  Scotty, those lights are beautiful!  I swear I need to make it down that way sometime.


                  Kara, I hope your baby is feeling better soon.


                  Rach--- What a difficult time you & your family are going through.  Sad  Hang in there, and take care of yourself.


                  I did an easy 4 today, and followed up with some walking.  I always feel like I'm losing fitness when I have so many easy days.


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                  Wandering Wally

                    Hi ya Penguins!


                    7 miles last night.  Did some stargazing and caught up on my Doctor Who Podcast listening.  Planning on resting today and rolling out a grouchy IT band.

                    Run!  Just Run!


                    Trail Runner Nation Podcast


                      Rach, very sorry to hear about your Dad, we'll keep you and your family in our thoughts.


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                      Goals | sub-18 5k | sub-3 marathon 2:56:46!!

                        The littlest is asleep, the biggest is coloring, and I have time for personals! Whee!!


                        Gustav - I hope you can start running again soon! Your other workouts are starting to make me feel like a slacker. Smile Nice work!


                        Brenda - 'Tis the season to be busy, isn't it? Enjoy the 5 later!


                        Kristi - Enjoy your rest day!


                        Jen - You are going to do great at your HM on Sunday! Trust yourself and your training. You got this!


                        Awood - I'm so impressed by your running streak. I'm sure you'll be able to fit a mile in there at some point today!


                        Phillie - Enjoy your 4 tonight!


                        Liz - Nice job on the early 4, and I hope you get in your double tonight!


                        Damaris - Yay for working from home! Enjoy your running group tonight!


                        ERLH - Enjoy your 5 today!


                        Jerry - Enjoy your run today!


                        Kristin - Enjoy zumba tonight! I've never tried it but it sounds like fun!


                        Dave - You are so blazing fast. Nice job on your 8 miles this morning!


                        Rachel - I'm praying for you and your family. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad.


                        Scotty - Gorgeous pictures, as always!


                        Traci - Enjoy your miles! Boo to the big unexpected extra bill. Boo!


                        Kara - Sorry your little has been sick! I hope you enjoy your run tonight!


                        Zelanie - Nice job getting the run in last night even though you weren't feeling it. I hope you feel better on tonight's run!


                        Jack - Enjoy your miles tonight!


                        Hi Hope's Mom!


                        Lauren - Nice work getting your workouts in despite the busy week! I'm glad your hoodie is working out!


                        Tomas - Nice job on those early morning miles! Wow!


                        Cherie - Nice job getting the miles in! Hey, aren't easy miles supposed to be the bread and butter of winter running? Smile


                        Bill - Hi!


                        JBlackJr - Wasn't it you who had a migraine yesterday? I used to take preventative stuff, but it started causing migraines. Go figure. I took Imitrex, but it did weird stuff to me. Now I see a chiropractor and the frequency and severity of my migraines has diminished dramatically. I'm definitely a believer in chiropractic care. Smile I hope you find something that works for you!!


                        mjsmith - Great job on the miles last night! And I love Dr. Who! Podcasts? There are podcasts?


                          Hi all,


                          I ran about 2.5 on Sunday and another 2 yesterday.  Still have to keep stretching lots to help my hip, but I think its helping.  Hope to do some of hip enough yoga tonight and another 2 - 3 tomorrow. One of these days I hope to find the time to read the boards again, but I usually don't get here til about 10 pm Cal time, and then by then, it doesn't seem worth posting on a daily thread.  Have a good weekend all.


                          Miles to Go


                            4.0 @  9.15.  w/dw.   Afterburners....ONNNNN.

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                              Afternoon penguins!


                              Meeting my friend at the park after work tonight for an easy 3ish miles.  Should be a nice night out.

                              Scotty, one of these years I need to go to San Antonio for Christmas!  Are you going to be getting the cold front we are?  I can't remember if it's Sunday or Monday night that the temps will get down to the 30s (supposedly)


                              Rach, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad

                              Formerly Jackie_601 on RW


                              Next up:

                              4/27 - Green 6.2 10K

                                Afternoon penguins!



                                Scotty, one of these years I need to go to San Antonio for Christmas!  Are you going to be getting the cold front we are?  I can't remember if it's Sunday or Monday night that the temps will get down to the 30s (supposedly)



                                 Corpus Area is supposed to get down to 37. This is good so that I can finally score some points on the winter miles game Smile

                                ”Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

                                “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”