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Dr. Cornsitter


    don't underestimate the viciousness of bunnies.  Have you ever seen the old monty python killer rabbit?


    No I have not and I can't youtube it at work. And I am too lazy and forgetful to check it out later. I would suggest you PM me the link to the youtube, but I have been told to be weary of your

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    So I'm currently sitting with a bag of frozen corn in my ass.


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      Those claws are huge on that panda. You have to that the zookeepers know what they are doing.


      T-rod, that is great! It would be amazing if your son became an elite runner! Not that you should push him...


      Dan, great pic! Those pandas can be vicious though, can't they? I'm not kidding, i remember seeing a video of someone getting mauled (kind of ) by one. But then again, all animals can be dangerous. I had a rabbit once that could kick and scratch pretty hard if he didn't want to get picked up.


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        Those claws are huge on that panda. You have to that the zookeepers know what they are doing.



        Not with Crocodiles anyway....


        Kaohsiung, Taiwan, April 11, 2007—Armed and dangerous, a Nile crocodile prowls the Kaohsiung zoo (top). Veterinarian Chang Po-yu was reaching through iron bars to remove tranquilizer darts before treating the 440-pound (200-kilogram) reptile when the inadequately sedated animal bit the vet's forearm off.

        But for the vet, it wasn't quite a farewell to arm.

        After being shot at twice, but apparently unhit, the croc dropped the arm. After seven hours of surgery, doctors successfully reattached the appendage, shown at bottom on a smiling Chang on April 12.


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        Then Rocky must be right, because I know you were wrong.