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    What I know of injuries from personal experience is that not listening to the doctor and/or coming back too soon just prolongs the agony. I hate to tell anyone not to run, but there are times when you need something else to tide you over. I usually swim when I can't run.

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      Lexi, I'm so sorry you're still not running.  Being injured, with no idea when you'll be able to run again, absolutely fucking sucks.


      I have been there, too many times in the last couple of years, 6 weeks for a couple of the times and my longest was 2 months out.  All were for various tendonitis issues.


      I've done the feel sorry for myself, eat like I'm still running 40 miles a week, gain weight thing ...  but this last time I couldn't run I decided I might not be in control of my running, but for the love of god, I could control what I shoved down my pie hole.  I felt a lot better, just keeping the eating in check, even though I couldn't run.


      The other thing I wanted to tell you, is even though you feel like you've lost all of your running fitness, I promise you it's still there.  And once you start running again (ramping up slowly... of course) it actually does come back much more quickly than you think.  Hang in there.


      I would love to see you around here more, but I get it.  Please keep us updated.









          I feel for you. I just had a tendonitis thing that cost me four weeks a couple of months ago. I picked up Pilates again at that time, which was good, but I also put on about 5 pounds which was terrible. I'm still trying to get rid of it! For me, keeping up with RWOL (at the time), or RA, was vital in keeping me motivated to getting right back into it as soon as I could. Good luck, and be patient!



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            That sucks, I know how it feels because I lost most of 2012 to injuries.


            For an inspiring story... have you ever heard of Lukas Verzbicas? And a more recent article.

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              I'm currently at week 3 of being out with tendonitis issues.  Some things that have helped something active even if you don't feel like it.  I just did a small upper body workout at home last night for the first time and I feel much better...better mood, slept better, and made me feel like an athlete (why did I put this off for so long?)  Also, I read "The Long Run" about Matt Long.  That definitely gave me some perspective on having to sit some weeks/months out.

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                I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'm currently dealing with some hip and hamstring issues, although I don't think they are anywhere near as severe as what you have experienced. I've heard that aqua jogging is one of the best things you can do to simulate running without the impact, but I'm not sure how it would work with your current injuries. You might ask your PT and/or chiro for their input on that. I hope you heal up soon!

                My tendons hate me.

                  Mandy – I feel bad complaining considering all you’ve been going through. I’m so glad your MRI was clear. When do you get to start running again?

                  Jneilt – I don’t, but I might have to join a gym to remedy that if it’s looking like it’ll be a lot longer after today’s chiro appt.

                  Aponi – Agreed. Thanks.

                  Tracy – You are totally right. I finally started eating well last week and already feel better. The odd thing is that I haven’t gained any weight, but I’ve clearly lost muscle. I hope you’re right that I haven’t lost all of my running fitness. That’s what scares me the most. I’ll try to stick around a bit.

                  Kiwi Runner – Thanks. I thought ITBS was the worst, but maybe tendonitis takes that designation.

                  Adam – How was your comeback after injury? Are you back to where you were pre-injury? Thanks for the link to the Lukas story. Puts my silly injuries into perspective. Also reminds me that I need an attitude adjustment.

                  Jamezilla – You are right. There are things I can do besides running. I’ve heard good things about that book. Might be a good time to read it.


                  I have my second chiro appointment today. I will take the advice of many of you to do something else for my physical health (maybe pilates or yoga or weights at home tonight). And, as per Tracy, I’ll immediately cease stuffing my pie hole with anything within arms’ reach. Thanks again.

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                    I took five months off with a bum knee.  Four months trying to fix it myself, and then another month under a doctor's care.  Absolutely do whatever other activity you can do that doesn't make the injuries worse -- my outlook got a lot better when I joined a gym and started swimming laps.  It's also amazing how much of a downer it is to constantly be in pain, and you don't really discover it until one day you're not.  Getting prescription NSAIDS from my doc was incredibly helpful, because it didn't hurt all the time.


                    Good luck!!

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                      Don't feel bad about complaining.  There's always someone out there with something "worse" than you.  You can't dwell on that.  The fact of the matter is that whatever you're going through still sucks for you.  I am scrapping all of my race plans this year and volunteering and/or crewing instead.  I've taken a lot from the ultra community and I will hopefully be able to pay it back this year.  I think just getting involved can help.


                      I, too, have noticed my muscles disappearing in my legs. Sad  It's a little disheartening.


                      My PT thinks that she can maybe have me running a little bit in another 4-6 weeks.   I had originally planned on running 30 miles for my 30th birthday at the end of February.  At this point, I am hoping that I will be able to run 3.0 miles for my birthday.  At this point, I would take that.  One of my friends is bringing me a bike trainer this weekend to borrow.  It won't be getting me outside, sadly, but at least I will have some sort of exercise.  I would think you would be able to bike as well?


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                        I'm sorry you're having such a rough time Sad


                        I appreciate an injury complaint thread though. Misery loves company, and I want to join the pity party.  Lexi, I remember your RR from your marathon, and I remember thinking how awful ITBS sounded. A few months later, I literally feel your pain. Running was going really well for me. I had completed 2 5Ks and a 10 K, was training for a second 10K on Jan 26th, was seriously considering registering for a half in May and beginning training inFebruary. My plaguing issue with calf cramps was finally becoming less and less frequent. I was getting faster and faster just by running easy miles, distances that used toseem impossible (5+ miles) became easy and very enjoyable. Then, ITBS. It's only had me sidelined for a week and a half so far, but I feel like it's going to be quite awhile longer and I'm sad and frusturated. I'm sorry so many of you are also dealing with injuries. It SUCKS!

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                          Adam – How was your comeback after injury? Are you back to where you were pre-injury? Thanks for the link to the Lukas story. Puts my silly injuries into perspective. Also reminds me that I need an attitude adjustment.


                          Ask me in a few months Joking. I struggled through about 15 minutes at "slower than my half-marathon PB" pace the other week but I'm trying to just ignore paces and just get used to running a lot again. Once I get comfortably running my old mileage I'm sure the fitness will come back quickly. Don't worry about complaining... I did my fair share of it!

                          In the words of my late-coach : Just hang in there, relax... and at the end of a race anyone you see.....just pass them


                            I too lost 3 months of last 2012 because of an injury.  No running at all for 3 months and then a VERY SLOW come back.  But I am back.  You will be back too.  It happens.  The best thing I did for myself is the VERY SLOW come back.  Hang in there.  I know how hard it is but you will be back.


                              Complain away! I hope you get the issues resolved and can begin running again soon.  I've been complaining about not being able to run for the last 4 weeks due to shoulder rehab.  I'll start active PT on Thursday so I'm hoping I can resume again in another 2-4 weeks. Just remember that if you take it slow when you're able to run again, you'll end up being a stronger runner when the rehab is finished.

                              My tendons hate me.

                                Mandy – My chiro told me not to bike b/c of the tendonitis, but that I can use an elliptical.  I should probably just suck it up and join a gym.  Being injured is expensive.  I hope that the timeline for you to begin running is just 4 weeks.  Given you’re a Wisconsinite, I’m sure you’ll beat expectations.

                                Kristin – ITBS is the worst.   I’m sure you’re doing all the things you’re supposed to do for it, but, if you haven't already, check out Jason Fitzgerald’s site at for more info.  He came back from really bad ITBS and has lots of workouts and suggestions for beating it.  I hope you get back out there ASAP.

                                Adam – It sounds like you’re on the mend.  Good luck working back up to former mileage.  It’s a long road, but hopefully just a blip in our running careers.

                                Bobruns – Thanks.  Any guidance on coming back really slowly?  Is that like one mile every other day or even less?  It sucks being patient.

                                Rabbitchaser – Wow, you too?  So many long-time BFers are injured right now.  Good luck getting back out there in a couple weeks!


                                So my chiro said I could give a short test run a shot on Thursday if I’m feeling good.  So far my ITB feels alright, but my PTT still feels wonky.  I’m going in search of new shoes too.  I wonder if I’ve been wearing the wrong ones?  So many variables…

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