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Erie Marathon RR (Read 120 times)

     Moth - IIRC, it was gradual progression.  Definitely not intervals.


    SIAR - Next fall that will be one of the goals.  I may lose a couple minutes at Wellesley this spring Wink



    Can you two please run the same marathon and pace each other?


    Sometime, maybe!

      Sorry for taking so long to offer my congratulations. What an awesome race you had and as others have mentioned, your reports are always an excellent read. If I may ask, was the original goal sub-3 just to get that safely over and done with, or did you think that's where your fitness was. Obviously you know your training better than anyone else, but with the times you've been putting up and the training you've been doing, sub-3 was never a doubt in my mind for you, as SIAR mentioned.


      Anyway, enjoy this victory and then onwards to sub-2:45. Congrats Jay.