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Aspen 4 Pass Loop : Mountain Scenery Pics (Read 65 times)

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    What a nice place to run! You are so fortunate to be able to run on this trail..

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      Wow, that's stunning.  Way to be brave and get out there with some strangers and just enjoy the opportunity.

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        Those pictures are beautiful. I hope you choose to frame some (all!) of them. Thank you for sharing!


          Oh wow!!!! It must be the land of God himself... That is absolutely gorgeous and you're awesome for having done this! What a beautiful course... My training on flat roads is a joke compared to running in places like that. Huge congratulations on your first ultra!!! Your pictures are stunning, what great memories you have of your race... And I love how you were able to hang with some of the ultra crowd, how cool! Thank you so much for sharing with us such a fantastic RR!

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            Oh wow, I am a sucker for mountain scenery - absolutely beautiful, sounds like it was amazing!


              Very nice, thanks for sharing.  I love CO.









                Cry I wanna go there.... seriously beautiful images, and great description and story telling.. now I am going to go cry.

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                  Hubby concurs.  We want to go there.



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