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    Long, busy, chaotic morning for me after a restless night.  I was only able to get about 3 sips of my coffee this morning before heading out the door.  I want to go down to the dining room to get another cup, but this is me right now.



    I picked up some tape yesterday after my 1 mile test run.  I'm going to tape the foot and shoot for 2 slow miles today.  Wish me luck.

    Do you even run?

    delicate flower

      jjs, that looks awesome!  Fun times for sure!



      Docket, I am trying to get an appointment, but it is proving to be fruitful despite my being an employee here.  The soonest they can see me is Jan 15.  *sigh*   I've also called my PCP and e-mailed my knee doc directly.




        jjs, is that the same one that was featured in RW magazine last year?


        Wickedly Average

          No coffee today. No food today. No nothing but water. Heading downtown in a while for my annual health check. 

          Dang, Tom, that just reminded me...this is my colonoscopy  year, I have one every 4 years, with my medical history, dang...I have to get that scheduled.  Some fun. Roll eyes  


          I asked my doctor about a colonoscopy last week and he said "up yours".




          The health check went well. Down 13 pounds (should be about 16, but I'm up a couple), overall Cholesterol is relatively unchanged, HDL (good) up 11, LDL down 7, BP is good, body fat % down, waist down 1.25 inches.


          This running stuff is paying dividends.

          Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

          5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54

          Will run for scenery.

            jjs, is that the same one that was featured in RW magazine last year?


            Yep.  It's really turned into a big deal around here - people drive from hours away to do it.


            At the lunatic fringe are some local bad-asses who held an "incline-athon" last summer.  13 laps up and straight back down (i.e., no trail), with times just over 12 hours.  That's one Everest up and down.  My best time from bottom to top is just under 40 minutes.

            Stupid feet!

            Stupid elbow!

              It's not even 8 am and we're already on page 3. You guys need to go back to sleep. At least that's what I decided to do, so I'll run after work.



              Bad Ass

                Keep bugging them.


                jjs, that looks awesome!  Fun times for sure!



                Docket, I am trying to get an appointment, but it is proving to be fruitful despite my being an employee here.  The soonest they can see me is Jan 15.  *sigh*   I've also called my PCP and e-mailed my knee doc directly.



                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                  Good morning everybody.


                  jjs that looks cool.


                  Hope you can get to the doc today phil, waiting until the 15th is shit.


                  6 easy with some hill sprints tonight. Going to be a challenging week (or more). My wife is working extra shifts until they manage to hire another part time nurse.



                    Phil: Oh, man - January 15th???? That is not OK.  I hope your knee doc can get you in sooner

                    Flippy: I'm super happy to hear that you are feeling a lot better!  Woot!


                    Recovery miles tonight.

                    Vegan Ang

                    Formerly sdnyc99

                      Good morning - or, almost afternoon for those of us here out east.


                      SRD for me, with kickboxing at the gym later tonight.  Looking forward to it since I haven't been in over 2 months.



                      Tom - hope that health check goes well for you


                      Damaris - I know you hear it all the time, but I'd trade you your 70 degree humidity for my icy cold in a heartbeat!


                      Basaya - nice treadmill run.


                      Baboon - yikes.  Hope they can somehow get you in sooner.


                      LRB - Where do I get one of those IV bags?  Wonder if my Starbucks stocks them...


                      flarunner - 65 degrees??  Sounds like paradise!


                      StepbyStep - It sounds like you're battling what I was about 3 weeks ago.  I thought it was a cold but after coming back to work and talking to other people who got hit & thinking back about my symptoms, I'm sure now that it was the flu.


                      flippy & lilac - sounds you're both being smart and giving your body the time to rest that you need


                      AprilRunner - I used 30-day Shred a few years back and liked it a lot.  I felt like it was quick & efficient.  Enjoy it!


                      Just BS - swimming + snowshoeing??  Lucky you!


                      Kristin - I tried to avoid re-joining a gym, but it seems like sometimes it's a necessary evil!  Hope you find something that works for you.


                      Heidi - That run you posted yesterday...WHILE dealing with an injury!?!  You amaze me! 




                      Well, I'm at work on my lunch break but drippy-nosed little children are still demanding my attention so I guess I'd better head off!






                        Well, less than a half mile into my run I had to stop.  Thankfully I decided to use the treadmill and didn't have to walk back.  I hit the spin bike for another 20 minutes and called it a day.  Pilates tomorrow, yoga Wednesday, spin class Thursday.  Maybe I'll be able to run by Friday.  Icing the foot now.

                        Do you even run?

                        delicate flower

                          My PCP can see me at 3:00 today.  COOL.  At least he can order x-rays, MRI's, and get me some good meds.




                            ...What types of things are you doing in PT? You've told me about some of it already, but have they added new stuff?

                            I do these, only I do most of them with resistance bands (link).   Monster walks (front and rear) and side lunges also with resistance bands.  I do side walks on the tread mill, side lunges with the TRX, which is like side lunges on steroids.  I use a sliding board and do single leg squats.


                            I do all of those exercises in one sitting once a week.  Then, I do one or two of them three or four days a week.


                            I also have a thorough stretching routine, which I am just so excited about.


                            Seriously though, stretching for runners in underrated.  I look forward to my stretches with the zeal of a ten year old visiting Cedar Point for the first time.



                            Anyway, now that I've mastered the basics and attained a modicum of strength and stability in my hips and groin, I have moved on to two other PT's who promise to take my "training to another level".  If last Thursday's session was any indication, I'll be fit to mount a Rhinoceros here soon!


                            Stay tuned...


                            Team TJ

                              Good Monday afternoon y'all.


                              got in a 5.4 mile run early hit his morning, felt great!


                              Had to take TJ to a doctor appointment this morning but done with that now.  Just finished lunch, got a movie on the TV, and it's nap time. Wink


                              Y'all come see us.

                              Running for TJ because he can't.


                                lilac_jive, I hope the workout goes well.

                                FlippyNoodle, I'm happy that you're feeling better.

                                AprilRunner, enjoy that delicious Italian food. Yummy!

                                Just B.S., what is snowshoeing?

                                Kristin, great job getting out there. May you continue feeling better.

                                jjs22, beautiful!

                                Tom, great news from the doctor!

                                c0derunner, show those hills who's boss.

                                RM2B, enjoy your run tonight.

                                Angela, have a relaxing and refreshing rest day.


                                That sucks, Kay. Brava for working around it and not becoming discouraged.


                                Baboon, good luck with the PCP. A speedy and complete recovery to you.


                                Robert, great run.

                                I booked my flight to Israel. T-minus fifty-three days until marathon daySmile