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You guys are a cool bunch. (Read 423 times)

    Amen. There are several people here, though I have never met most of them, who I count among my close friends. And everyone I have met in person is a class act. Most especially Rich's abs.


    Caretaker/Overlook Hotel

      Cashews, folks.  CASHEWS!!!Wink


      100K or Bust - Busted

        Cashews, folks.  CASHEWS!!!Wink



        2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility

        Hey Doc

        Feets don't fail me now



          hahahahahahaha!! Funniest post of the night!


            Cashews, folks.  CASHEWS!!!Wink


            Ooh, yeah.  Love cashews!  And pistachios.  They are a little more work to get into, though.


            Random fact: when I was in college, I ate so much Cinnamon Toast Crunch and pistachios (not together, eww!) that my roommate got me a huge box of the cereal and a ginormous bag of pistachios for Christmas.

            Do you even run?

            Wandering Wally

              Yep, great bunch of folks on the intertubes.  Every one of the running folks I've met in RL has been first class.


              BTW, unicorns are tasty.


              Run!  Just Run!


              Trail Runner Nation Podcast


                Been chowing on these suckers by the handful:



                Barking Mad To Run

                  Well, I've been called a lot of things but never 'cool", so thanks for the warm fuzzy. Big grin


                  LRB, that picture you posted reminds me a lot of my family.....a bunch of nuts! Joking

                  "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt