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Another Turkey Trot RR - MRR (Read 31 times)


    I also ran the Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving.  I had not raced since last year so I wasn't sure what to expect and had no finish time goals.  I just wanted to have a good race and see where I ended up.  I was seeded in the Under 35 Minute corral from last year's results, which put me about 25' from the starting line once the crowd of 15,000+ people packed into the starting chute.  This made it much easier to run the first 2 miles without much zig zagging between people.


    Here are my splits:


    Mile 1 - 6:56

    Mile 2 - 7:46 (almost completely uphill)

    Mile 3 - 6:58

    Mile 4 - 6:57

    Last 0.748 - 5:04 (6:46 pace)


    My official net time was 33:42, a 2:14 improvement from my PR run 2 years ago.  I finished 269/1,511 in my division and 920/13,411 overall finishers.  I was surprised that I didn't slow down after mile 3 and am happy with the results.  I would like to qualify next year for the Under 30 corral, but I know that will be a big stretch unless I really increase my mileage and race more often.


    Thanks for reading!