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RR - Mitten Run 5K, where I finally broke that pesky year old PR (Read 311 times)

delicate flower

    What a solid effort.  I think I read most of your other 5K RRs this year.  I am not surprised you did not PR earlier since you were often running with tired legs on hilly courses.  This time, you obviously prepared really well crushed it.  Congratulations.



    Thanks!  Yeah, that's one thing I was going to mention in my RR but I figured I was babbling enough already.  I actually raced this thing with reasonably fresh legs, something I hadn't done in a 5K this year.  Out of the five courses I've run this year, I'd say this was in the middle as far as difficulty goes. 


    Kristin, LtH, scotty, thanks for the comments! 



    DW captured something that is more rare than a Sasquatch spotting:  Me floating!  If you look really closely, you can see it.  I do believe this is my first floater pic.  The official photographer in this pic is looking the wrong damn way! 




      Wowsers, you really have had a great year, and what a way to end it.   Congratulations on the new PR.  All those miles you've been putting in is making you quite the speed demon!  


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        Awesome racing and PR! Congratulations, Phil! You have been making remarkable progress lately. I can't wait to see what you will do in 2013, at all distances. This 5k for sure holds promises of great things to come for you!

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        Healed Hammy

          Great finish to a year you really enjoyed.


          You are such an asset to this forum, love your reports, support and kind words to many.  To see that paid back to you with a great race is wonderful.


          Now take a few weeks off, and get training so you can keep LRB in your rear view mirror Smile.

            Congrats Phil!


            PR's are awesome.  PR's in front of a large crowd, going WOOO (a la Bubb Rubb's whistles) are even more awesome.


              Congratulations on the PR!! 


                Nice pictures and congrats on all of your PR's!! It was a matter of time before you nailed this one. Awesome way to end the year in races! 

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